“Prayer doesn’t fit us for the greater work, prayer is the greater work.”  Oswald Chambers

Did you know at OMF (U.S.) we have a team of people focused solely on inspiring and fostering greater involvement in prayer? The Lord has clearly directed the National Leadership Team that “fostering greater prayer involvement” is to be a stated goal as we plan how to use the resources He’s given us. To that end, we have structured for a dedicated prayer team within the mobilization team and recently added a prayer manager whose main goal is to “inspire and motivate prayer” on behalf of East Asia’s people.
Prayer mobilization happens in a variety of ways; through monthly prayer campaigns on social media, by developing prayer leaders and raising up prayer groups across the country, through developing compelling prayer resources used by the U.S. team and many churches, and by sponsoring prayer journeys. Currently, we have 30 prayer groups in the U.S., some who have been praying together more than 30 years!
Next year, the prayer team will partner with Serve Asia to take two prayer journeying trips in East Asia. This will foster more effective prayer here in the U.S., and give the prayer mobilization team an opportunity to pray onsite with greater insight in areas bound by the enemy.
If God is calling you to take a step of greater involvement, here are a few ways you can use your passion for prayer to help bring hope to the people of East Asia.

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