In the Waiting

At the beginning of 2020, I felt a sudden explosion of God’s call on my heart for missions, but the call was followed by the agonizing word, “wait”. However, one phrase kept peering its head in my direction: “be faithful in the present”.

Anna’s story of being faithful, seeking God, and continuing to be steadfast in her waiting is inspiring and deeply relevant for me and many others in this season of uncertainty.

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Interview with Anna Hong by Ariel Coleman

 How Can God Use Me in Missions?

In the summer of 2019, Anna went on a prayer journey to Japan. She began asking the question “how can God use me in practical ways for the people of Japan?”

Her view of missions shifted from seeing the world as a map of places to seeing communities of real people. She yearned to be a part of the community in Japan.

Coming home from Japan, Anna wasn’t sure what she was going to do next or what God was calling her to. Although she didn’t know how God would use her in missions, she knew he had a plan.

 God Wants Us to Be Faithful In the Present

Shortly after her visit to Japan, Anna began working as a water engineer. With the mission field still fresh in her mind, she began asking the question:

“What does it mean to be a Christian in the workforce?”

Submitting to where God had placed her for the time being, she began to realize God desired faithfulness in the time of waiting. Anna expressed that some of the greatest opportunities for sharing Christ has been through her job.

She said, “Not many people just walk into church, but a lot of people gotta go to work!”

Anna recounted many times during storm water inspections that she had opportunities to talk with coworkers, get to know them, and show the love of Christ. Though Japan seemed far away, there were new opportunities in her work place.

How to Follow Christ While You’re Waiting

Here are three things Anna has been learning about how to follow Christ wherever he takes her:

Constantly be in Scripture. As we go into the world, we need to hold the Word of God close to our hearts and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us. As opportunities arise, and as we wait, it’s more important than ever to seek the voice of God.

Don’t fear others; God is infinitely greater. He will make the way clear, and will guide us. Though sometimes it seems like there are obstacles that can’t be overcome, God will see us through.

If Jesus is your life, then people should know! Sharing openly about what God is doing in your life is a powerful part of being a witness to Christ. We are called to live as witnesses to the risen Christ, and our testimony of him is important in all parts of life

God is Unstoppable

Though she continues to work in the US, Anna desires to go back overseas. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly delayed any opportunity to travel back to Japan. In the meantime, with God’s help, she is staying involved in global missions by supporting missionaries with prayer. Anna has also found that staying informed on current events and reading books helps to grow her understanding of missions.

She is “sobered by the way COVID has affected global missions, yet encouraged by how God is unstoppable even by a pandemic.”

God hasn’t stopped moving even with all the restrictions on travel.

God is still calling his people to be faithful in the present.

How you can pray:
  • For Anna as she follows the Lord and discerns her next steps and seeks to be a witness at work.
  • Pray for people in Japan to see the witness of Christ, and for the missionaries giving that witness.


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Nathan Martin
Nathan Martin
2 years ago

What an encouraging perspective and helpful advice. We often are looking back or forward, I love the highlight on being faithful in the present.

2 years ago

I’ve heard and now I feel the Holy Spirit always. 2012, The Holy Spirit woke me up and said he wanted me to tell my story and help those in need. Went back to school at 55 and was top of my graduating class. I soon realized I couldn’t help people in a doctors office. They heard them in like cattle. Ive been working with Visiting Angels for 4 years taking care of dementia clients. I testify always all Jesus has done in my life. I adore older people and their stories are truly Amazing. I will testify to everyone… Read more »

2 years ago

Just what I needed to hear…I’m in a season of waiting myself!