How much do you know about the philippines

How Much Do You Know about the Philippines?

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In partnership with others, OMF has worked in the Philippines since 1952. By God’s grace, our efforts have borne much fruit. Still, much remains to be accomplished. How much do you know about the Philippines? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.

The Philippines remains an open country to the gospel. The population has grown rapidly to just over 100 million (according to data in 2015). Although the evangelical church has also grown to around 12% of the population, many are first-generation believers needing intentional discipleship. We need more workers who are prepared to live away from the convenience of cities. God is raising up a new generation of workers who are willing to face hardship to share the good news of God with the people of East Asia. Is God asking you to go? Reach out to us, we’ll journey with you. Start Here.

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David N
David N
1 year ago

What fun! Can’t believe I missed one question! Thank you. What a beautiful way to encourage people to engage and pray for the Philippines.

1 year ago

7/10 only 😭🤣