From Homework Helpers to Church Planters

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“Can you help us with our homework?” the children asked Ron and Carla, Christian workers who had recently moved into the neighborhood. Plans to find a language helper had proven fruitless. If Ron and Carla could not begin their ministry as church planters, they might as well be homework helpers!
One Sunday morning, another group of children approached the couple. The children seemed uninterested in tagging along for church. “Well, we could always stay home and teach them Bible stories,” Ron told Carla.
Weekends were now filled with English class on Saturdays and Bible stories on Sundays. Word spread about the gatherings and more children joined.
During one Bible lesson, a boy named Han asked questions and listened intently to the story of Jonah. He interrupted halfway through, declaring, “I don’t want to be stubborn.” Han was becoming more aware of his disobedience, and went to grab his friend Suea, who was also “too stubborn.”
Ron and Carla shared the gospel with the boys, who invited God into their lives. Han and Suea continue coming to English class often. In fact, on one occasion Han playfully threatened to never return if he could not hear a Bible story. Pray for Han and Suea as they continue growing in their knowledge of the Lord, and praise God for building his church through the faith of children.

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