From today, January 13 until Sunday, January 15, the OMF (U.S.) team will host its annual Mobilization Conference. The theme of this year’s conference is “Facing the Task Together.” What will happen at the conference and what is its purpose? We asked Rodney Pennington, OMF (U.S.) Vice President for Mobilization and Advocacy Manager. Rodney has served with OMF for more than 10 years, including seven on the field in East Asia. He has served in his current role for the past three years.
What is the purpose of the annual OMF (U.S.) Mobilization Conference? The main purpose of the annual Mobilization Conference is the opportunity for our mobilization team to get together for prayer, fellowship and casting vision for the new year.
What makes it important? It’s important as most of our team is spread throughout the U.S. and this is the only opportunity we have to join together (in person) for the year. Having virtual meetings is nice, but that can never replace being with each other.
What will happen at the conference? Our schedule is packed with things like prayer, worship, preaching, workshops, vision casting times, training, games and times of getting to know other team members within OMF.
What do you think is the most important part of the conference? Our times of fellowship and prayer.
What are you personally most looking forward to at the conference? Spending time with everyone and getting to know how they are doing outside of OMF. Again, we have very limited interaction because of how large we are and the challenges of meeting, so having everyone here is a wonderful time to talk and spend time praying for each other.
Who will attend the conference? We will have almost 70 people who are serving in Mobilization.
What do you see as Mobilization’s role in OMF’s mission and vision of taking the gospel to East Asia? One of our major roles is being the voice for the unreached peoples of East Asia. Most of our unreached people groups are unheard of and forgotten in the minds of the church and one of our greatest responsibilities is to be their voice and let the church know they are still out there waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
How to Pray
Please lift up the OMF (U.S.) Mobilization Conference! Here are a few specific requests:

  • Pray that conference training times will result in attendees being equipped to more effectively mobilize U.S. Christians to get involved with missions.
  • Pray that the conference will result in greater cohesive and efficient teamwork as the Mobilization team spends time with one another.
  • Ask that this time together will spark new ideas and inspire further commitment to the task of advocating for East Asia’s peoples and mobilizing the American church to take the gospel to them.

For information about the conference, go to–precise/mobilization-conference.

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