Serve Asia: A missions
discipleship journey.

(This six-minute video shows a typical Serve Asia trip, from training through service time and debriefing. We would love to talk about what this might look like for you!)


What is Serve Asia?

It is our desire that each Serve Asia participant is part of an intentional discipleship process as they serve with OMF International. We walk with our participants through screening, training, service time, debriefing, follow-up and integrating this experience into their lives. We hope to see Serve Asia workers grow in relationship with Christ as well as with teammates, hosts and national friends. Along the way they will gain an understanding of East Asia’s peoples and become involved in God’s pursuit of his glory among all peoples.

Our vision: We aim to see present and long-term kingdom impact in and through short-term workers and their sending communities, contributing to indigenous biblical church movements among East Asia’s people groups, resulting in the global worship of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.

Who can participate?

All Serve Asia participants must be Faithful, Available, Intentional, Teachable and have a Heart for God (FAITH). Adult participants of any age are welcome to apply.

National Teams: These teams include four to eight people from all over the U.S. who train and serve together, usually over the summer.

Church Partnership Teams: These teams include four to eight people from your church or fellowship group partnering with a long-term ministry in Asia through a short-term trip.

Individual Placements: This placement is for an individual, married couple or family considering serving long-term, offering a skill to use on the field or seeking to fulfill an internship. Dating couples may apply, but will likely work in different ministries on the field. Engaged couples are also welcome to apply and we will determine with the field host a suitable placement and ministry situation for you.

National and Partnership teams have Mission Mentors (team leaders), who attend training in the fall or spring. A Mission Mentor can expect to:

  • Invest in God’s purposes in the world.
  • Work alongside and learn from long-term workers who are reaching the unreached.
  • Grow as a Christian leader and learn about missions mobilization.
  • Personally invest in a small group of short-term workers.
  • Involve prayer and financial partners in missions.
  • See your relationship with Christ strengthened.

The Serve Asia process:


Submit forms and complete an interview.

and Training

Prayerfully read through preparation materials.

Service Time

Travel to East Asia.


Re-entry preparation.


Continued communication with mission mentor and team.


What do Serve Asia workers do?

Our participants engage in all types of ministry, from English teaching to church planting to sports ministry. Serve Asia workers can go any length of time between two weeks and 11 months, depending on placement availability and the field’s preferences. Serve Asia trips are always dependent on what our long-term missionaries need, as we aim to further the long-term ministry on the field. Please see our Current Opportunities, updated regularly, for a list of planned trips and estimated costs.

What do people say about Serve Asia?

  • Thank you so much for putting in such effort, time and heart into really training our souls to walk in step with the Lord as he leads us abroad, on mission, sharing the gospel. We've had fun, been encouraged, enjoyed these different activities and I believe we've gotten to experience a little taste of eternity here with one another.

  • Pre-field Training (PFT) goes above and beyond to make sure that your heart and mind are prepared and focused on the task at hand. PFT is a time where you are challenged to really think about your trip from a holistic view: physically, culturally, relationally, spiritually—what are you expecting from yourself, others and God? Not only is it a great time of reflection and preparation, but you will meet like-minded people who have the same passion that you do about God and his world.

    (A short-term participant who attended PFT twice.)
  • To be honest, at first I thought we were doing too much prep work for missions, that the process could be a whole lot simpler. But after going through this weekend and recognizing the intricacies of cross-cultural relationships, the importance of team-building and fixing our eyes on Jesus, I mean, I knew these were all important, but it didn't truly resonate until now.

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