Called to go to Asia
for more than a year?


Mid-Term (1-3 Years)

Spend one to three years of your life serving in cross-cultural ministry. Sometimes called “mid-termers,” Explorers get a taste of what it is like on the missions field. From learning language and culture to living life among the people to whom God has called you, see what a life radically devoted to making Jesus’ name known is all about. Who knows, three years could turn into a lifetime of service.


Long-Term (3+ Years)

Commit your life serving among an unreached people group in East Asia. Plant churches, train leaders, lead Bible studies or work among children, youth and students to bring the gospel to the rich and poor, deprived and privileged. Use your professional skills to reach peoples otherwise unreachable. Engage in community development, bringing justice to the poor and marginalized. Change whole communities through a lifelong pursuit of demonstrating Christ through word and deed.

Billions are waiting. Will you go?

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