Vital Support Ministries

When you give to Vital Support Ministries (VSM), you provide life-giving resources with eternal impact. VSM focuses entirely on strategic U.S. mobilization efforts to convey God’s heart for East Asia. Some examples include:

  • Finding, mentoring and guiding individuals who are seriously considering God’s call to missions and helping them determine where specifically God is calling them, whether with OMF International or not.
  • Equipping a growing number of U.S. volunteers—men and women dependent on the Lord who are willing to advocate with passion for the billions without hope in East Asia.
  • Sending individuals or teams from OMF International to missions events, like Urbana 2015—mobilizers who are able to passionately encourage others to join what God is doing in East Asia and begin mentoring relationships with those considering next steps.
  • Leading missions-focused events around the U.S. where believers can become informed and empowered in their involvement in prayer and missions opportunities.

In the tradition of Hudson Taylor, our practice is to look to the Lord daily to meet our needs. In doing so, we act faithfully, pray fervently and wait expectantly on the Lord for all aspects of OMF International.

To give online, follow the steps below. For other ways to give CLICK HERE.

  1. Click the “DONATE NOW” button below.
  2. From “the Category and Funds” drop down menu select the “7. Vital Support Ministries (General Fund)”
  3. Continue filling out the form to donate online.