The Task Unfinished Fund

What is The Task Unfinished?

It’s a movement of people, churches and organizations aligning together through prayer, networking, funding and awareness focused on The Task Unfinished. We hope to inspire believers in the U.S. to work together to bring the gospel to unreached people groups. Across the nation, the Holy Spirit is awakening individuals, families and churches ready and willing to face the unfinished task … together. We hope you will consider being part of this movement—and help bring the hope of Christ to those who have little to no access to the gospel. Is God calling you to embrace and advance this task unfinished?

We have renamed our Vital Support Ministries Fund: The Task Unfinished Fund. This change serves to remind us more clearly what it at stake. The Task Unfinished Fund is designed to undergird U.S. mobilization efforts. 100% of these funds are used for this purpose. Mobilization in the United States takes a variety of forms, such as…
• finding, mentoring and coaching potential long-term workers,
• partnering with local churches,
• fostering greater prayer involvement,
• communicating our message in innovative ways,
• and advocating on behalf of East Asia’s people in a variety of settings.

With your continued support, we have the opportunity to send more workers in 2017 than we’ve seen in the past several years. The Task Unfinished is an opportunity to partner with OMF in prayer and financially to fund the work of mobilization. God bless you as you consider how he might use you to face this task unfinished.

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