OMF Project Guide

God continues to work creatively through the creativity he has given each of us. This prayer guide outlines some of those creative steps of faith. Each project described in this guide represents a risk taken in complete dependence on God. Each project has been prayed through and brought before the Lord. Each project needs prayer and resources.Would you join us in prayer for complete provision for each of these projects and that the Holy Spirit would work in powerful ways to the glory of God?

East Asia Projects

Church planting in East Asia is often accessed through strategic projects designed in response to genuine life-issue needs. Our projects focus on both a wide variety of humanitarian and educational needs as well as evangelism, Christian literature, discipleship training and more.

U.S. Projects

More than 328 people make up our OMF International team in the U.S. While most of those are in East Asia, a significant number works in homes or offices through the U.S. Our headquarters is in Littleton, Colorado. Donations for U.S. projects contribute to OMF International’s mission for the urgent evangelization of East Asia’s peoples. They include the selection and equipping of new missionary candidates, educational conferences, prayer events and ongoing care and development of our veteran workers as well as projects for infrastructure needs, communications programs and equipment purchases and upgrades.

Vital Support Ministries

When you give to Vital Support Ministries (VSM), you provide life-giving resources with eternal impact. VSM focuses entirely on strategic U.S. mobilization efforts to convey God’s heart for East Asia. Some examples include: Finding, mentoring and guiding individuals who are seriously considering God’s calls to missions and helping them determine where specifically God is calling them, whether with OMF International or not. and equipping a growing number of U.S. volunteers—men and women dependent on the Lord who are willing to advocate with passion for the billions without hope in East Asia.