Support a Serve Asia Participant.

Our Serve Asia participants engage in all types of ministry, from English teaching to church planting to sports ministry. Serve Asia workers can go any length of time between two weeks and 11 months, depending on placement availability and the field’s preferences. Serve Asia trips are always dependent on what our long-term missionaries need, as we aim to further the long-term ministry on the field. To give online, follow the steps below.

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Serve Asia Participants
  1. Serve Asia Participant’s name:  If you know the name of the Serve Asia participant to whom you would like to donate, you will be able to enter it on our donation site.
  2. Visit our Donation Site: Click the “DONATE NOW” button below.
  3. Dropdown Menu: From the Categories and Funds drop down menu choose option 3 to fill in the Serve Asia Participant’s name.
  4. Select Field Worker: Fill in the field worker’s name in the form field under “Gift Preferences.”
  5. Complete the Form: Fill in the remaining form fields and click “SUBMIT.”

Questions? E-mail or call 800.422.5330.