Support our workers.

God has called and equipped more than 328 people from the U.S. to serve with OMF International throughout the U.S. and East Asia. In partnership with thousands like you who pray and give, this team is God’s conduit of grace and life to East Asian peoples. Expenses of our missionary and staff workers, both overseas and in the U.S., represent the largest single category of OMF International’s finances. To give online, follow the steps below. For other ways to give CLICK HERE.

Field Workers and Staff
  1. Field Worker Name:  If you know the name of the field worker or family to whom you would like to donate, you will be able to enter it on our donation site. To learn about field workers or families that you could support in prayer and/or finances, contact Stewardship Ministries at 800.422.5330.
  2. Visit our Donation Site: Click the “DONATE NOW” button below.
  3. Dropdown Menu: From the Categories and Funds drop down menu choose either option 1 to fill in the worker’s name or option 2 to choose from a list.
  4. Select Field Worker: Fill in the field worker’s name for option 1 or choose from a list for option 2.
  5. Complete the Form: Fill in the remaining form fields and click “SUBMIT.”

Questions? E-mail Stewardship Ministries or call 800.422.5330.