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Completing our mission in East Asia requires people to go—people willing to enter into the lives of others to bring them the hope of the gospel, and people who are willing to leave behind the familiar and comfortable in order to live out their calling. OMF International depends upon God for partners who will journey with us. We persistently seek the Lord for new and creative ways to enable our workers to go and remain on the field. There are many ways to give to support these workers, their field projects and the initiatives of OMF International—all to bring hope to billions of unreached in East Asia.

Automatic Donation Plan (ADP/EFT)
By Check
Stock and
Other Gifts
Memorial and
Honorary Gifts
Estate and
Planned Giving
Customer Rewards

Giving Online

Thank you for your support of God’s work through OMF International. We will be launching a new online donation site in just a few months! If you have given online previously using our current donation site, please be patient and know that we are working on improvements.

Please note that users have reported encountering issues when attempting to donate from their iPads or using the Google Chrome browser. Additionally, the automated e-mail receipt for donations does not list your donation preference. This critical information is received by us and we will honor your preference. However, if you would like to confirm your preference, please e-mail stewardship@omf.org. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Regarding credit card and debit card donations: OMF International is charged a 2.5-3% fee by bank and credit card institutions to process these transactions. This charge is deducted from the money given to the missionary’s support. To avoid this charge, we offer giving by Electronic Check through our online giving site.

At this time we are not able to offer recurring online donations via our giving site. Please see Automatic Donation Plan (below) for information on monthly giving from your checking and saving account.

If you have any questions about online giving (credit/debit card or electronic check), please contact us at 800.422.5330.

Automatic Donation Plan (ADP/EFT)

Save time, effort, postage and bank charges with ADP! Use the Automatic Donation Plan (ADP), also known as electronic funds transfer (EFT), to help direct more resources to reach East Asia’s peoples. OMF International’s Automatic Donation Plan is a direct arrangement with your personal bank to transfer your donation automatically. If you choose this convenient method of giving, your gift will be safely transferred to OMF International by your bank. You’ll receive a receipt from OMF International and your donation will be listed on your bank statement, just as though you had written a check. It’s that simple.

With ADP you retain control of your contributions to OMF International. You can increase, decrease or cancel your contribution by contacting our Donations office. You will receive your receipts along with our deepest appreciation for your loyal and generous contributions to our work in East Asia. It will take three to six weeks to initiate your automatic donations. Then, around the 15th of each month, your account will be debited for the amount you indicated on the enrollment form. You never have to worry about overlooking a contribution or mailing it on time. Administrative time and costs are reduced, maximizing your gifts and furthering our urgent efforts to bring hope to billions.

If you have any questions about ADP please contact us at 800.422.5330 (ext. 242) or donations@omf.org.

How to enroll in ADP

  1. CLICK HERE to download the form
  2. Be sure to save the PDF to your desktop
  3. Open the PDF and click print
  4. Complete, sign and date the form
  5. Mail the form to us at OMF International, 10 West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120-4413 along with your checking account voided check or a saving account deposit slip. We’ll take care of setting up the ADP arrangement with your bank.

* Some Google Chrome users have experienced issues, if you have problems printing try using a different browser.

Giving By Check

Thank you for your support of God’s work through OMF International. Please make your check payable to “OMF International” and indicate your giving preference (name of missionary, project, or Vital Support Ministries – General Fund donation, etc.) on a separate written note.

To meet IRS requirements, please do not put the missionary’s name anywhere on the check. The written note is all that is needed to indicate your giving preference. Also note, personal gifts may be given by individuals, but they are NOT tax deductible. We are unable to accept personal gifts from churches or other non-profit organizations.

A receipt with a tear-off portion to send with your next gift will be mailed back to you along with a return envelope.

When you provide a check as a donation, you authorize us either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. Mail your check to: OMF International 10, West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120-4413.

Giving Through “Bill Pay”

Thank you for your support of God’s work through OMF International. “Bill pay” is an option offered through your own financial institution. Using this method, you direct your financial institution to transfer your donation for the amount(s) and frequency that you determine. To set this up, contact our Donations office, 800.422.5330, ext 242 or donations@omf.org to receive your donor ID number. Use your donor ID number as your account number on the bill pay check. For the account address use OMF International, 10 West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton CO 80120-4413. Please call or e-mail to tell us your donation preference.

Stock and Other Gifts

For information and questions about how to make other gifts to OMF International, such as gifts of real estate or publicly traded stocks, or for the particular kinds of non-cash donations that OMF International is able to accept, contact Stewardship Ministries at 800.422.5330.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Gifts may be made in memory of or in tribute to a passed away loved one or friend. Honorary gifts may be made as a tribute to a living loved one or friend. OMF International will acknowledge the gift according to donor instructions as appropriate. For details, contact Stewardship Ministries at 800.422.5330.

Estate and Planned Giving

Estate and Planned Giving is an important part of building your personal legacy—a legacy that will make an eternal difference by reflecting God’s priorities in your life.

OMF International can be your resource in estate design services. Our staff estate planning professionals are called, equipped and available to serve you without fee or other obligation. We minister to our supporters and friends who desire to establish, review or revise existing estate plans, and who seek trusted guidance from a distinctively Christian perspective. Our desire is to guide you in proactively addressing your needs, achieving your personal and financial objectives, and making a global impact into the future.

We would love to journey with you through this important process. Follow the link below to take full advantage of the many tools and resources we offer through our valued partnership with Crescendo Interactive, Inc. To discuss or request information about estate planning or planned giving, e-mail or contact 800.422.5330 ext 193 or 303.730.4193. To visit our Estate and Planned Giving website, click the button below.

Customer Rewards Programs

The King Soopers Neighborhood and Safeway Community Giving Card reward programs offer to give a percentage of grocery bills toward a designated cause. Through the work of our Stewardship Ministries department, many of our workers have signed up for these programs as a part of their partnership development strategy. Connect with those with whom you partner to see if they are participating in these programs. They will have all the details about participation.