God has provided faithfully and generously for OMF (U.S.). Each year our Annual Report provides the opportunity to review what God has done and how lives are being touched and transformed in East Asia.

While these reports cover the financial aspect of OMF (U.S.), please know that our hearts are not on numbers but on what these numbers represent: billions of East Asians who don’t know Jesus and millions with little to no access to the gospel, a church or a single believer. These numbers also mean that our workers, our staff and our volunteers can continue the work God has called them to do and that East Asia can be reached with the hope of Christ. Thank you for responding to God’s call and being an integral part of OMF (U.S.). Please continue to pray for sustained growth, new opportunities, strength for our workers and God’s continued provision in all that we do.

OMF International (U.S.) is a member of ECFA and Missio Nexus.


“How can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?” –Romans 10:14b-15a