Name: David Pat
Role at OMF (U.S.): Mobilizer
Length of service with OMF: 6 years
What is your favorite:
Food: Protein shakes
Movie: End of the Spear
Band/song: “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse
Book: Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding
Item in your work space: Foam roller
Beverage: Green tea
Place to travel: Any beach in Mexico
Gift to receive: Amazon gift cards
Part of your job: Mentoring people whom God is calling
What are three words someone might use to describe you? Passionate. Bodybuilder. Dancer.
What is a hobby you enjoy? How did you get into that hobby? I started Bodybuilding as a way to be healthy and glorify God and it has turned into a 2nd career.
Briefly describe what you do for OMF. I help churches and individuals realize their calling in missions.
You are a professional bodybuilder AND OMF mobilizer! What is life like for you? How do you do both? A lot of my bodybuilding is about meeting people around something they love and my work is to help them love missions just as much. I find mentoring people is much more effective in the gym than in a church building. I am also very thankful to OMF for being innovative and believing in this platform.
How has bodybuilding influenced the way you mobilize, or vice versa? I’ve seen more and more that God uses our hobbies as platforms for missions. It gives us an opportunity to connect with people and to show our walk with God is more than just talk.
What/who has been one of the major influences that led you into missions? James Hudson Taylor IV (the great-great grandson of OMF’s founder) spoke at our church retreat and it stirred a passion in me to discover what God might be calling me to in missions.
You’ve recently taken some trips to China. What did you do on those trips and how have they impacted you? I work with orphans and those with disabilities. I lead trips to China as a way to serve the Chinese and to help people experience what missions is like. There is no better way to find out how you are called to missions then to go yourself!
If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I would want to the ability to create protein powder instantly.

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