And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace. (James 3:18)
Praying for the Mekong minorities

This month we unite in prayer for seven smaller people groups scattered across remote regions of southeast Asia. The Mekong River flows from China through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Along this river, there are 70 diverse and unreached people groups amidst mega cities and remote villages. Let’s trust God for a breakthrough among these people groups.

SUNDAYS • Bulang

Most Bulang peoples live high in the mountains west of the Mekong River in southwest China. Because of their location they have historically been tea producers. In modern times, they are famous both for their production of very expensive, green teas, and fermented teas. Pray for the few believers among the Bulang and that God would grow families in their faith.

MONDAYS • Ghao Xong Miao

The Western Ghao Xong Miao are beautiful, loving, hospitable people in the northwestern Hunan province of China. The villagers easily welcome changes into their homes, entertaining visitors with their traditional songs. Pray that near-culture Christians would visit the Ghao Xong Miao and be able to share the gospel with them. Pray for oral Bible stories and animated Evangelistic videos to be widely shared among this people group.


The Hani people used to live in a legendary paradise in northern China. They migrated to the south as the political wind changed, until they finally settled in the borders of today’s southwest China and Vietnam. Audio Bible stories are available online. Pray for many to hear the audio Bible in their own language and ponder what they hear. Ask God to send believing brothers and sisters to build up and encourage the Hani church.


The Hmong Boua women take great pride in their headdresses. They were called the Red Headed Hmong. Their headdresses can sometimes have a width of up to 2 feet. In China there are only 10 Hmong Boua churches. In Vietnam there are over 30 churches. Pray that God would remove obstacles to the Hmong Boua people hearing and understanding the gospel, and for God to work through godly Hmong Boua believers, reaching their own people group, and others around them in southeast Asia.


The Lao Phuan are located in northern Laos with some also in central Thailand. They love neighborhood parties and grand weddings. A wedding with just fewer than 1000 guests is not considered large. Guests arrive dressed in their finest clothes with their names on large gifts of cash. In Laos, the Lao Phuan Christian community is about 0.1% and growing. Pray for more workers, evangelizing, discipling, raising up leaders, and multiplying churches among the Lao Phuan.


The Tai Lue are extremely proud of their culture, history and language, and they delight in being Tai. Their new year is celebrated in April with a giant water fight called the “Water-splashing Festival” to bring blessing and wash away sins. Pray that the Tai Lue would hear about Jesus who died to wash all our sins away once and for all.


Talieng live in remote mountain areas. They have an annual festival centered on the slaughter of a buffalo. Men do metal work and basketry; women dye, spin, and weave cotton to make cloth and clothing. Pray that the gospel stories in Talieng can be distributed and listened to among this people group. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in people’s hearts.

Click here to download the February Prayer Powerlines.

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