“Give thanks for the LORD for he is good; his love endures forever.” (Psalm 118:1)

February 2022

Pray for five precious people groups

Unite in prayer for five smaller people groups scattered across remote regions of southeast Asia. Most have not heard the gospel. Only a few believers live among them. Trust God for a breakthrough.

SUNDAYS • Pray for the Aheu

Thank God that the Gospel has finally been shared with the Aheu people in Thailand. Praise God for entire families that believed. Pray that God would send long-term workers. Pray that God would grow families in their faith. Pray that God would break the influence of the spirits and spirit worship among Aheu communities.

MONDAYS • Pray for the Akha

Thank God for pastoral, hospital, school, and training outreach ministries. Ask God to raise up laborers to plant churches among the Luma Akha in three East Asian nations. Ask God to protect believers and church planters. Pray for a strong discipling ministry that will transform Akha communities into his likeness. Pray for the salvation of the chiefs, village leaders, and local officials in Akha villages.

TUESDAYS • Pray for the Angku

Pray that the Angku of Southeast Asia would find their identity in the Lord Jesus Christ, embracing him as personal Savior. Pray for more workers sharing the gospel and establishing churches of disciple-making disciples. Pray that God would remove obstacles to the Angku hearing and understanding the Gospel, and for God to work through godly Angku believers, reaching other people groups in southeast Asia.

WEDNESDAYS • Pray for the Mpi

Pray that biblical resources and oral Bible stories would be produced in the Mpi language. Pray for more workers with compassionate hearts for the Mpi of Northern Thailand. Pray for nearby believers to plant churches among the Mpi. Pray for the removal of obstacles keeping the Mpi from hearing about and knowing Jesus.

THURSDAYS • Pray for the Nyahkur

Pray that God would show himself to be more powerful than any spirit. Pray that the Nyahkur in Thailand would realize their worth in God’s eyes because of the “bride price” that Jesus paid for them at the cost of his life. Pray for more workers evangelizing, discipling, raising up leaders, and multiplying churches among the Nyahkur.

FRIDAYS • Challenging the next generation

Last year saw the beginning of God’s provision for the Hudson Taylor movie production stage. Pray for everything needed at this time to challenge many thousands through an enormous mobilization opportunity: the true story of an ill-prepared young man and wife who put God’s purposes first. Visit HalfCrownMedia.com for more information.

 SATURDAYS • Training new workers

Pray for new OMF workers from around the world taking their orientation training this month. May each family sense the Lord’s empowerment as they move to their ministries. OMF hopes to resume the in-person Orientation Course (in Singapore) when travel opens up, especially in Asian countries. New missionaries who are non-native English speakers often struggle with English when in person. With the added challenge of the virtual format, pray for stamina and understanding during training.

Click here to download the February 2022 Prayer Powerlines

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