“Give thanks unto the LORD for he is good; his love endures forever,” (Psalm 118:1).

SUNDAYS • Praying for the people of Chosun

About 25 million people live in the DPR Korea, most commonly known as North Korea. They call themselves the Chosun people. Most of these people work on farms in rural areas or in factories in the cities. Travel is limited between towns but families can see each other. Pray that these people will seek God.

MONDAYS • Praying for provision

Chosun people in the DPRK need food. Most have something to eat, but most are always hungry. It is winter, and very cold in the North; people need warm places to live in. They need healthcare. They have heard about COVID, and do not want to get it. Pray that they get enough food and that their apartments and houses would be warm enough. Pray that there is no COVID outbreak in the North.

TUESDAYS • Dealing with COVID challenges

The DPRK government states officially that the nation has no COVID cases. Other reports say that over 100 people have died in a northern county from “coronavirus-like symptoms.” The government has implemented strict measures to prevent the coronavirus. Pray that coronavirus-like cases will subside. Pray that the government and people will not fear it but take logical steps to prevent it.

WEDNESDAYS • Felt needs among the Chosun

Chosun people do not have enough food, especially after the typhoons of last summer. Winters are harsh, cold and long in the North. People there need good health, especially in these days of COVID. Pray our heavenly Father will provide food and warm homes. Pray for health care support and that there would be no coronavirus outbreak.

THURSDAYS • Students and the elderly

Chosun students learn the basics and a lot about the DPRK leaders, Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il. Winter breaks are usually from January through February. Elderly people have a hard time getting food, while their sons  have a hard time  providing for themselves. Pray for students and the elderly, for provision and that they would seek God, who cares for children and the elderly.

FRIDAYS • Expatriate professionals

Many Christian international professionals want to live and serve in Chosun but are unable to enter the country because of COVID restrictions. (American citizens have not been allowed to visit since 2017.) Pray the borders would open up again soon and these professionals can return to work. Pray that the Lord would use them in the future and even in the present, as some cross-cultural believers maintain limited contact.

SATURDAYS • Believers worshiping Christ

In spite of all the hardships and obstacles, there is a quiet church among the Chosun people. Praise God for his grace and power even through these challenges. Believers meet at night, quietly and in very small groups. Pray for the believers to sense the power and presence of the Holy Spirit within their meetings, their families, and throughout their daily lives. May God bless the faith and love of his people all throughout the DPR Korea.

Praying for the People of Chosun (DPR Korea; North Korea)

This month, Prayer Powerlines features a report submitted by an OMF worker based in Seoul, South Korea. For many years, Carol has worked with “prayer fuel” for intercessors united in faith so that God would bless that entire peninsula, from north to south.

We often read negative reports about the DPRK in the media. Within OMF, our prayer material looks for positive and objective facts. Our team has created prayer resources for the past 20 years helping believers learn about the North and pray regularly for the people. If you have a solid interest in the North, please write and ask for some of the prayer material.

For those who want a shorter introduction to things related to the DPR Korea, you may request our 31-day prayer booklet, A Door Swinging Open: A Prayer Guide for the DPR Korea. Prayer topics include health care, children’s education, serving the elderly, employment issues, churches, and humanitarian ministries. The guide includes some brief stories written by a professional who worked in the DPRK. Some people from the North have left and now live in the South; several pages describe their experiences.

For those who can commit to praying daily for the North, we provide a bi-monthly prayer bulletin. Part 2 of the bulletin features an article related to the North or the people who have come out of the North, helping intercessors learn about and pray for its people.

To request either of these resources, please write to DPRKoreaNews@omfmail.com and ask for the booklet or bulletin.

Our Father God loves the people of Chosun. Jesus Christ died on the cross for the salvation of these dear people. The Holy Spirit of God is working in that small nation. Does the Lord want you to pray for the people of Chosun? Ask him to stir your heart. “Declare his glory among the nations,” (Ps. 96:3).

(On behalf of the DPRK prayer team, Carol of Korea with OMF.)


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