Eileen Kuhn: “I have moved to my ultimate address in Heaven.”

Eileen (O’Rourke) Kuhn, 96, joyfully joined her Beloved Savior in Heaven on Thursday, November 18, 2021. During a lifetime of service both with her husband, John, and on her own, Eileen worked among minority groups in East Asia with OMF, and enjoyed investing in student lives at Singapore Bible College and in conference work in S.E. Asian countries.

Her legacy includes a letter she wrote that was to be released when she went to be with the Lord. We hope you’re as blessed by it as we are.

November 18, 2021

Dear Ones Still on Earth,

My address has changed. I have moved to my ultimate address in Heaven, moved from mortality to immortality. My earthly “tent” (needing drastic repairs), to a heavenly mansion prepared for me by God Himself. HOME at last – what ecstasy to be in Christ’s very presence.

“He and I in His bright glory
One great joy shall share
Mine, that I am ever with Him,
His that I am there!”

Your friendship has enriched me beyond measure and stimulated my spiritual growth. Together we laughed, cried, forgave and grew. Love does not stop at death’s door. It deepens. We will begin another chapter when you arrive.

Of course I have not quite reached Heaven’s gate, but am using my “sanctified imagination” (Isobel Kuhn’s term). So it will be far better than that for “eye hath not seen nor ear heard the things that God has prepared for those that love Him.”

Some of you whom I dearly love, are not yet ready for this Holy place for you have yet to receive the gift of God’s redemptive salvation from sin. I urge you to hasten to the One who died for you. It involves …

Sincere repentance of your load of sin
Grateful faith in the one who paid the ransom debt
An open heart, mind and will for God’s entrance into your life.

Days on earth are grim, and they will worsen. Hurry to open, hurry to set your sails toward God’s harbor. Jesus is eager to welcome you, and so am I! I have loved you in life and want to know you in eternity as well. The alternative is horrific. It is not enough to know the facts of the gospel. Gifts held out to you are not yours until you take them.

It seems strange to write to you on this side of death knowing that you will read it after I have stepped over into Glory. As a 16 year old teenager (brand new Christian), I wrote the following …

Oh Rose of Sharon, my blessed Lord,
My soul doth long for Thee
So till that day when eyes behold,
Oh make my heart to see!

He has already made my heart to see his grace and mercy. My greatly reduced earthly vision is 20/20 again. Both heart and eyes can now gaze clearly upon the One who loved and died for my salvation.

It is farewell for a time to you who also are in Christ and approaching the Glory of God in Heaven itself. But alas, alas, alas, this will be my final farewell to those who, failed to receive the gift of salvation, are moving toward Hell.

Eileen KuhnLove to all,

Eileen (O’Rourke) Kuhn

An important PS – Since there are no postal addresses in Heaven, please delete my name from your mailing list. It will help those who care for matters after I leave.


The following words hung on my Calvary Homes door for a large part of the time I lived there …

“Lord, enter Thou my home with me
Until I enter Thine with Thee.”

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