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Serving the church and sharing the gospel

OMF partners with 2,500+ workers from over 40 nations to serve more than 100 East Asian people groups. We support the growth of the East Asian church, serve its communities and take the good news of Jesus to people that have not heard it. Over this past year of Prayer Powerlines we have highlighted several different areas in which OMF is working, particularly church ministry and diaspora. In this last month of the year we will highlight and be praying for 7 different spheres of ministry in which OMF is working.

(The information below is from the omf.org website where more links, stories and prayer resources can be found.)

SUNDAYS • Business & Professionals

OMF has been working in East Asia since 1865 when J. Hudson Taylor founded the China Inland Mission. We work in ways that provide opportunities for experienced business people and other professionals to come and be salt and light. Professionals use their work skills and experiences as a disciple and disciple-makers in East Asia. It could be in a mega-city, in a rural area, or somewhere in between. The challenge is immense. Lord, we pray for full support for missionaries working as professionals in Asia. Christmastime brings about unique opportunities to share the gospel for many of these workers. Jesus, we ask for your story to be a catalyst for work and business conversations this season.

MONDAYS • Creation Care

We believe creation care is an essential part of sharing the good news in all its fullness. This gospel hope is much wider than simply personal salvation. It is rooted in the Old Testament hope for a time when God’s reign of love, righteousness and peace would break into this world and restore all things. The good news is that in the Lord Jesus, this reign has already begun. Christ calls his people to participate in this work to restore the whole of his creation by living, proclaiming, embodying and becoming good news to the nations. This includes the care of God’s creation. Lord, we pray for Christian-run businesses that respond to environmental challenges through consultancy, organic food production and eco-tourism. We ask that you help these businesses become environmentally sustainable. We pray for them to be in your Word and walk closely with you daily.

TUESDAYS • Education & Academia

The church in East Asia is growing in numbers and maturity. To continue its growth, it needs well-trained leaders who will help develop their understanding of the faith, equip them for service in the church, and enable them to live Christ-honoring lives in their cultural context. Toward this end, OMF mobilizes and sends a broad spectrum of theological educators who serve the church through formal, informal, and non-formal teaching and training. Lord, we pray that Christian teachers have a hand in shaping the next generation of leaders and that we would see more local believers rise to positions of influence for the good of their communities and the glory of God.

WEDNESDAYS • Healthcare Missions

Much of East Asia is without modern medicine, and through our established ministries we connect physicians, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare personnel with clinics and hospitals throughout the region. In addition to supporting a hospital-based ministry in Cambodia, we also send staff and professionals to help train local providers and work with churches to better meet healthcare needs in their own communities. Most importantly, every healthcare missionary is building life-giving relationships and impacting lives for Christ. Lord, open doors for new ventures and partnerships in unreached areas that give Christian medical professionals an opportunity to share your love. Lord, may those seeking medical care find hope, healing and ultimate peace in Christ.

THURSDAYS • Mission Research & Archives

OMF Mission Research publishes the Mission Round Table journal, organizes mission research consultations, interacts with OMF centers about important missiological issues, oversees the OMF archives located in Singapore, and networks with worldwide archives. Lord, we ask that as people look into the history of missions, whether it be for a school project, personal reflection or family history, you would move in their hearts and spur them on to seek their role in missions today.

FRIDAYS • Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) spend a significant part of their childhood away from their parents’ passport culture. They grow up incorporating elements of several overlapping and sometimes conflicting cultures into their identity. The sense of relationship is often to this “Third Culture,” the experience shared by others who have a similar background (including military kids, expats and other missionary kids). Right now there are more than 28 listings for job opportunities with TCKs overseas and many more ways to serve from your home country! Lord, we ask for more TCK workers. Please be with the TCKs who are overseas for the first time this Christmas, and help their families to make new traditions together where they are.

SATURDAYS • Student Ministry

East Asian students are often more open to new ideas than those in full-time employment. Plus, they often have more time to explore those ideas. Add in the fact that there are over 7,500 universities in East Asia, and it’s easy to understand why we value student ministry. Lord, we pray for the students of Christian teachers in Asia. We pray that this month there would be opportunities for parties, conversations and prayers centered on you and the good news of Jesus’ birth.

Click here to download the December 2023 Prayer Powerlines.

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