“And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isa. 9:6)

December 2021

SUNDAYS • Loving the Savior

During this special season, take time to thank God for the joy of communion with him in prayer, rejoicing in his provision and grace. May the many millions across East Asia experience that same place of forgiveness and salvation in Christ. As the weeks unfold, many Christian workers will spend time with nonbelievers who attend special Christmas outreaches. Pray for East Asians who have heard the message of Christ but not yet put their faith in Jesus. Pray for God’s Spirit to move in their hearts and that they would have significant conversations with believers in the new year.

MONDAYS • New believers in Japan

The Japanese are the second-largest unreached people group in the world. Still, God is drawing the Japanese to himself. Praise God for the new faith of Japanese believers, especially those among married couples where only one has accepted Christ as personal Savior. Pray that new believers will grow in faith and that their spouses would be positively affected by the changes they observe.

TUESDAYS • Recruiting more workers

For the past several years, OMF mobilizers have discovered excellent networking contacts at the International Conference on Missions. Pray for follow through with dozens of contacts made last month in Richmond, Virginia. Pray also for connections developed at the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Pray that future missionary applicants will take their next steps, moving forward by God’s empowerment.

WEDNESDAYS • Cross-cultural mobilization

Pray that God would raise up Christians from Myanmar, Thailand, China, and other nearby regions to go and live among the Shan peoples. Pray that Lisu, Lahu, Wa, and Kachin Christians who reside in Shan areas would live out their faith and share the gospel among their Shan neighbors. Intercede for more expatriate workers to humbly learn the language in order to serve the Shan more effectively.

THURSDAYS • Training Christian leaders

Some young Vietnamese Christian leaders desire to study abroad at Bible schools or seminaries in places like Singapore or the Philippines. Such opportunities require a good grasp of English and provision of the required finances, but the experiences are often hugely impactful in the lives of the leaders who go. Thank God for the opportunities these Vietnamese believers have to study in other parts of East Asia and pray for God’s provision for the daily needs of these students.

FRIDAYS • Third culture kids

Especially during the Christmas season, pray for children of OMF workers as they continue their studies, often through homeschooling, or through online schooling. Pray for them to be able to remain attentive and enjoy their work. Pray for parents to be able to support them well. Pray for opportunities for families to travel and meet together. Pray that God would bless families with the necessary funding to meet additional travel costs.

SATURDAYS • Looking back at God’s faithfulness

Pause and thank God for the faithfulness, mercy, grace, and love he has shown you this past year. As people around the world reflect on the past and look to the future, pray that East Asia’s peoples would renew their search for truth and, in doing so, discover the outstretched arms of their Creator.

Click here to download the December 2021 Prayer Powerlines

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