Dear Church, Missions Needs You More Than Ever

Right now, you don’t need anything added to your list of problems. Life is uncertain and we’re all asking questions. What does COVID-19 mean to the future of the church, nonprofits, daily life?

That’s why we need you. We need each other. What would it look like if we worked together not just in this time of crisis, but also when we make it to the other side?

By Galina Hitching

God is providing us with unique opportunities we haven’t had in the past. The command for us to love others and share his word doesn’t get paused even during a pandemic.

As a church you’re facing unique challenges. As missionaries and as an organization, we’re facing challenges too. Which means this is a prime opportunity to assess who we are and what we are doing together; asking the Lord to show us where we can grow and how he can use us in fresh ways.

We Need You to Care

Our passion is for East Asia, but getting on an airplane to go is more challenging than it was before. In many cases our world stops at the end of our driveway. Even with some areas loosening restrictions global missions can seem remote and irrelevant.

But it isn’t. More than ever we need to care about missions. God may have given you a heart for your local community and that’s beautiful. God has given us a heart for East Asia, and that’s beautiful too. What would it look like if the church and mission organizations joined hearts to reach the world?

The world has been changed by this experience in a way we can’t begin to understand yet. We need to be able to stand together working towards a common goal – sharing God’s love with those who need it most.

We Need You to Join Us

Before the coronavirus, East Asia was the largest area of the world that has never heard the gospel. As the pandemic wears on that has not changed.

Historically, God has used suffering and trials to awaken the hearts of individuals to go into the world with his message of hope.

In this time of tribulation, the Holy Spirit may be refining individuals in our churches to go. This is an opportunity to disciple and encourage them. You can join us by building up strong Christians who have a heart for the world. We want to partner with you to love the world – both in East Asia and closer to home.

God is calling each of us to walk forward. He may not be leading you to Asia, but we still need you. Will you join us in praying, in supporting and in loving?

“If we are going to wait until every possible hindrance has been removed before we do a work for the Lord, we will never attempt to do anything.” – T.J. Bach, 1881-1963, Missionary to Venezuela

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