Partnering together to bring
hope to the unreached.

Imagine the impact of an entire congregation working together to see God’s name glorified throughout the nations! OMF International recognizes that Christ is the Lord of the harvest and that the local congregation has the primary responsibility in sending new workers into his harvest fields. Therefore, it is our hope and prayer to see local churches equipped, empowered and encouraged to have a significant gospel impact among the unreached in East Asia.

Church Partnerships

What is a church partnership?

A church partnership is relationship between OMF International and a church working together to see the entire church congregation grow in their passion and involvement in missions. To do this, we work with missions committees, pastors and other leaders to help the church fulfill its God-given vision for reaching the unreached.



After hosting a Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class at their church, Crossroads Gospel Church (CGC) felt God was leading their 700-person congregation to change its approach to missions. Although they did not have a sense of where God was leading them, CGC’s leaders unanimously agreed that God was calling them to adopt an unreached people group. As CGC continued to pray and ask for God’s guidance throughout the process, they felt led to the country of China, though they were still unsure about the specific people group. At this point, they contacted OMF International for assistance.

OMF International’s Church Partnership team walked alongside CGC leaders and provide an external perspective to the process as the church continued to pray for God’s leading. Over time, it became apparent that God was calling CGC to adopt an unreached people in Southwest China.

Part of the process for CGC was to discover specific ways to get the entire church body involved: not just the missions team. OMF International is helping CGC mobilize their entire congregation with opportunities for prayer groups, short-term teams and welcoming opportunities (reaching Asians here in the U.S.). The church is beginning to develop a strategy for current church leaders to begin discipling and coaching other CGC members in missions involvement, with the eventual goal of seeing every member passionately engaging in missions. While that vision is still a long ways off, CGC is encouraged by all God is doing through this partnership.

Want to learn more?

We’d love to hear more about what God is doing in your church.  For more information or to talk about what partnership could look like for your church contact us at .