Journey with a
ministry coach.

We have a team of experienced ministry coaches to walk alongside people who are sensing God’s leading into ministry involvement, in order to help them to find the next steps in following God’s leading. They will take time to get to know you, suggest proper and practical next stepsand above all, pray for you.

Our Ministry Coaches are knowledgeable about OMF International, have a passion for the people of East Asia and are trained to help you understand missions more deeply and find your next steps. More than just providing practical information, the ministry coaches seek to help people hear God’s voice and listen to His direction along the way.

Each relationship is precious and we desire to steward these relationships well. The ministry coaching program is our way of honoring God and the people he has brought to us.

Ministry Coaches

Why might I need a coach?

Is this the right time in your journey to seek out a ministry coach?  To help determine that, consider the following questions:

  • What is the passion in your heart for reaching the unreached?
  • What do you personally need to do and what knowledge do you need to achieve that will prepare you for ministry to Asians?
  • What skills will you need and how will you improve them?

If you are committed to walk with Jesus, considering ministry to Asians, open to being challenged to forward-moving thinking and willing to dedicate time and effort to the process, it is possible that connecting with a Ministry Coach can be a benefit to you.

What does coaching look like?

Ministry coaches invest in people’s lives through regular conversations via phone, SKYPE, personal talksand email correspondence to encourage them to purposefully seek their role in God’s plan for the nations.

There is no set agenda, but coaching may cover areas such as: building a partnership team, interfacing with your sending church and local pastor, clarification of calling and the ability to articulate your calling to others, developing spiritual disciplines, determining necessary and relevant Bible training and professional training, identifying current missions opportunities and beginning interaction with mission field teams, exploring cultural experiences, reading relevant books and articles, identifying language training needs.

  • An interactive, safe and prayerful meeting environment that is focused on your benefit.
  • The coach’s assistance as you work to accomplish the tasks at hand and gain knowledge.
  • Provision of resources and resource ideas that will assist you in the process.
  • Encouragement and appropriate advice-giving and problem-solving.
  • The coach’s commitment to keep your meeting times and to help you as they can and to pray with and for you.

Connect with a ministry coach!

Contact us at A Ministry Coach Coordinator will contact you to hear more about how God is leading you and answer any questions.