Become an OMF International volunteer.

You don’t have to get on an airplane to make a difference. If you can invest four hours a month, OMF International can train and mentor you to be a part of bringing hope to East Asia. Since East Asians include half of the world’s population, this is a powerful investment. We want every people group in East Asia to have a chance to live in Christian community. God is giving us passionate and qualified volunteers to help make that happen. Is God asking you to join the OMF International team?

Because volunteers are a critical part of OMF International, we are committed to the on-going process of enabling and equipping each volunteer to have a high impact, wherever they serve. That training might include one-on-one mentoring, self-study modules, role specific lessons, team building, gift discovery and gatherings in Colorado, just to name a few.

We seek to mobilize volunteers into meaningful involvement that will reach East Asia’s peoples. What might that look like for you? In your community or church, you might speak on behalf of East Asia’s peoples. Perhaps you can facilitate a small group of friends, interested in the Great Commission, who meet once a month to encourage each other in missional outreach. Or, if God has given you a heart for prayer, you might draw others together regularly to pray for East Asia. Maybe you could become a mentor to other volunteers or missionaries-in-training. You might serve in an area you have been trained in and worked in all your life, or you might learn something completely new. Ideally, you would belong to a local team of volunteers, but we also use “virtual teams” to connect volunteers from around the globe.

As OMF International, we envision mission-minded volunteers utilizing their gifting on behalf of East Asia’s people. This means that our focus is to discover, train and shepherd local volunteers so that they can empower their own communities to be more involved with East Asia. We want East Asia passion to spread to all 50 states! Until the job is done—until every people group in East Asia has a reproducing Christian community.

Want to get involved?