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We are so grateful for the people God has given to OMF International. We celebrate so many stories of God’s faithfulness! Our team would love to engage with you and your group, whether that is at your church, your college ministry or Bible study, at Perspectives on the World Christian Movement courses, mission conferences or prayer groups.

Rev. Michael E. Littlefield
President and National Director

Michael grew up in New Hampshire. He served four years in the U.S. Coast Guard before God called him into ministry during his senior year at the University of New Hampshire. Michael met his wife, LeMei (who passed away in 2012) at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, where he graduated with a Masters of Divinity. The Littlefields left the U.S. to serve with OMF International in Taiwan in 1987, after completing two years as Associate Pastor of a church near Boston. During their first four-year term they were involved in church planting in south Taiwan. They lived in Taipei during their second term, where they were responsible for the oversight and pastoral care of 25 missionaries. Afterward, they were invited to join OMF International’s international leadership team in Singapore. From 1998-2004, Michael and LeMei served in OMF International’s headquarters in Singapore as Director for Personnel. Michael’s responsibilities included overseeing the selection and initial training of missionaries, education of missionary children, personnel policy and member care. In 2004, they relocated to Littleton, Colorado to join the U.S. headquarters’ team. Michael served as Director for Personnel until January 2011 when he became the President and National Director of OMF International (U.S.). Michael’s passion is that we would know Christ’s love more and more, abiding in him (our founder Hudson Taylor’s “spiritual secret”) in such a way that we would follow his lead in bringing Jesus Christ to the unreached of East Asia.

Chris Harrell
Vice President for Stewardship Ministries

Chris pastored for 20 years, leading everything from church plants to a mega church. He was Director of Church Partnerships for John Maxwell, consulting with churches on growth and stewardship. Chris leads our team and is a member of the National Leadership team, which guides the U.S. ministry. He is a resource to pastors and missions leaders.

Erin Kawaye
Serve Asia Alumni Follow-Up Coordinator

Erin is originally from California but now resides in Colorado where she serves as alumni Follow-Up Coordinator with OMF International. She loves her job and knows it a privilege to mentor short-term workers upon their return from East Asia and walk alongside people as they become purposefully engaged in missions, whether here at home or overseas. She has a passion to see “The whole church take the whole gospel to the whole world“(The Lausanne Movement Mission Statement), so it is encouraging for her to share with individuals and churches as they become strategically and intentionally involved in the Great Commission. Erin loves conversations over good food, good coffee or tea and makes sure at least the food and drink make it onto some form of social media.


  • 6 Ways to Reach God’s World(missions mobilization)
  • Mentoring for Missions
  • Life after Short-term: Discipling your Church
  • Serving as Singles
  • Sisters: Co-laboring with our Brothers
  • Engaging Your Neighborhood
  • Asian-Americans in Missions
Brian Lee
College Mobilization Coordinator

Brian was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to working at OMF International, Brian served as the Youth Pastor for Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC). While serving at MPPC Brian also worked closely with the Director of Global Engagement and key elders to mobilize and better equip the church for God’s work around the world. Brian began his involvement with OMF International in 2009 while serving as an English teacher for two months in Suphanburi, Thailand. He officially joined the U.S. Mobilization team in 2013 and is currently serving as the College Mobilization Coordinator. Outside of OMF International, you can find Brian at the soccer field playing pick-up, exploring new places with his camera and looking for new restaurants to try.


  • Hatch’em, Patch’em, Dispatch’em: Mobilizing and Discipling Youth for Local and Global Missions
  • Get In the Game:6 Ways To Reach God’s World
  • Church on the Move: Churches That Just Can’t Sit Still
  • Short-term Missions: “I’m Home, Now What?”
  • The Story of the Lamb: The Once and Future King
  • God on the Margins: Radical and Meaningful Neighboring
  • The Cost and Joy of Following Jesus
  • Missions: The Primary Vehicle for Discipleship
  • Impacting Over “There” From “Here”
  • When the Saints Pray
  • Personal Testimony: The Father’s Pursuit, a Son’s Substitute, and a Boy’s Parachute
Steve Niphakis
Bridge Asia Director

Steve encourages, enables and equips volunteers and volunteer teams in the U.S. to serve towards God’s purposes in every people group of East Asia. Before joining our U.S. staff in 1999, Steve and his wife Holly spent 17 years in central Thailand as church planting missionaries and eventually as Superintendent of Language, Orientation and Training of new missionaries to Thailand. Steve was born in Egypt to Greek parents who immigrated to Montreal, Canada. He studied engineering before God called him into his larger global purposes. He received his Bible training at New Brunswick Bible Institute in Victoria, New Brunswick, Canada. He and Holly have four children of whom three are married.


  • Perspectivesspeaker
  • Church Planting Movements
  • Raising Missions-minded Believers
  • Taking the Gospel to Buddhists
  • Piercing the Darkness of Unreached Peoples
  • The Faith and Strategy of Hudson Taylor
  • America’s First Missionaries: A Historical Perspective
  • Decision Making and the Will of God
  • Conflict in Cross Cultural Adjustment
  • Perspectives Lesson 13: The Spontaneous Multiplication of the Church
Robert Nordstrom
Serving International Students

As the number of international students in the US continues to grow, the Church has a wonderful opportunity for cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship.   Robert works with churches and campus ministries in the Midwest to help them disciple international students and prepare them to return home. He is passionate about involving the whole church in missions and helping churches release the whole array of their members’ gifts for the Great Commission. He is a popular teacher at Perspectives classes. Robert has worked to mobilize and equip the US church for missions and has also served on church-planting teams in Southeast Asia. He holds an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and lives in the Chicago area with his wife and four young children.


  • Missions in the 21st century
  • Strategic Missions
  • Biblical Basis of Missions
  • Bringing Hope to Billions
  • Preparation for Missions
  • Doing both Short- and Long-term Missions Well
  • 6 Ways to Reach God’s World
  • Missions Discipleship
  • Church-wide Missions Mobilization
  • Being a Sending Church
  • Missions Hot Spots
  • Reaching Asians here in America
David Pat
Area Mobilizer

David is a graduate of Bethel Seminary San Diego, where he received his Master of Arts in Theological Studies. He has also competed in natural bodybuilding for more than seven years and has attained notable titles such as Mr. USA (teen), Mr. Universe and Olympia runner-up. He currently works as a mobilizer with OMF International, where he has used his experiences in personal training and bodybuilding to create innovative ministries in both southern California and Shanghai, China. He and his wife, Carmen, live in San Diego.


  • Social Media and Missions
  • Sports and Missions
  • Young Married and on Missions
  • Support Raising
  • Mobilizing and Missional Churches
  • Being Bold for Jesus
  • Living as a Sacrifice
  • Following God’s Call when Circumstances are Difficult
Rodney Pennington
Vice President for Mobilization

Rodney has a passion devoted to Christ, his Word and the need to “go and make disciples of all nations.” After church planting in both Canada and then among the unreached peoples of the Mekong region in Thailand, Rodney and his wife Amanda (as well as their four children) have moved back to the U.S. to serve as the Vice President for Mobilization. Rodney’s passionate preaching and teaching aims to awaken the North American church to the urgent needs to reach the unreached. He believes that we are on the verge of a great shift among the North American church that’s focuses not only on the needs in our own “backyard, but also beyond our borders and into the most neglected areas of the world.” Rodney is a graduate of Ozark Christian College as well as Cornerstone University where he received a Master of Religious Education.


  • All Nations Under God (Revelation 5): Looking at the heart of God from the beginning.
  • Knowing God (Ephesians 1:15-19): What it means to truly know God the way we were created to know him.
  • Spiritual Sight (Mark 8:22-29): What we can learn from the spiritually blind, the spiritually impaired and those with spiritual sight.
  • Shalom In Your Life
  • Mentoring/Discipleship
  • Missions 101: Things to work through as you prepare for the mission field.
  • A Kingdom Church (Matthew 5-7): What does it mean to be a church dedicated to the kingdom of God?
Dr. Alex Tee (pseudonym)

Alex has served with OMF International since 1994 in Southeast Asia facilitating church planting among unreached people groups and the development of indigenous missions. His ministry included church planting training, strategic planning, field leadership, mobilization, student work as well as lecturing engineering courses as a tentmaker. He has seen house churches planted and indigenous missions take off in creative access nations. Now living in the U.S., he passionately represents God’s work through OMF International among unreached people group networks, he speaks and teaches and networks and facilitates partnerships with other organizations and the fields in East Asia.


  • Biblical: God’s promises to the descendants of Ishmael
  • Islam and the Worldview Clash (when believers show love)
  • Islam in East Asia: the Unfinished Task
  • Fruitful Practices in Reaching Muslims
  • God on the Move, Indigenous Biblical Church Movements
  • Missions and Worship (and other mission themes)
  • The Story of His Glory
  • Building Bridges of love
  • Strategizing
  • Tentmaking
Ken Warnock
Link Asia Assistant Manager

Ever since giving his life to follow Christ in college, Ken Warnock has had a passion for missions and the unreached in East Asia. With his background in medicine, Ken began preparing to become a medical missionary until it became very clear that God was calling him down a different path—mobilizing a re-awakened church to be passionate about Jesus and his worldwide glory. Originally a computational analyst by trade, Ken focuses on helping churches assess, discern and develop a missions strategy to see entire congregations passionately involved in missions. A Millennial himself, Ken also has a strong desire to encourage the younger generation to be part of something infinitely greater than themselves. Ken is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  • Identifying your Church’s Unique Calling in Missions
  • Our Shotgun’s Out of Ammo: Pursuing a Strategic Missions Focus
  • More than a “Program”: Integrating Missions throughout your Church
  • “I would Never Join the Missions Committee!”: Building a Compelling Missions Leadership Team
  • Mobilizing the Mobilizers: How to Empower Those Who Stay
  • “Where are All the Young People?”: Raising Missions-minded Millennials
  • When Missions “Just Isn’t My Thing”
  • Short-term Missions, Long-term Results
Michael Williams
Prayer Manager

Michael Williams is a committed prayer intercessor for over 25 years.  He is not flashy or polished, but he walks with the Living God. Michael can speak into prayer through his personal prayer life, 20+ years of experience in church and para-church ministry, and God ordained leadership.  He and his wife Marilyn reside in Northern San Diego County, Ca. where they have raised their family together for the past 33 years. Michael has served as a Lay Prayer Pastor at North Coast Church in Vista, CA, President and Co-founder of Safe Harbor Ministries, and the Southwest Area Director at Wycliffe Associates. Now, God has led him to OMF as the Prayer Mobilization Manager, the highlight of his life in leadership and vocational ministry. Michael believes God is using everything from his life to teach, motivate and encourage God’s Saints on the earth to pray even more consistently and effectively.


  • The Mystery of Prayer
  • Prayer Posture-prayer that touches the heart of God
  • Spiritual warfare-It’s a real battle
  • Motivating and Encouraging Others to Pray
  • Growing Your Own Personal Prayer Life
  • Praying the Word of God
  • Cultivating an Atmosphere of Prayer Amongst Your Team

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