Want to
connect locally?

For some, investment into God’s worldwide work happens in right here at home. It could be a time of preparation, growing in prayer and developing in areas to be more ready for long-term service. It could be that your experience, gifting and calling is best suited for the crucial work of mobilization. Still others are equipped to be a coach or mentor who prepares others for the work ahead. Learn more about opportunities to connect with OMF International’s people and efforts locally.

Journey With Us

Join with others locally in our Global Ministry Groups, vibrant and focused prayer groups or through a high-impact volunteer position. You can find a ministry coach to walk with you as you prepare to serve.


Working together is always stronger than going it alone. We are strengthening our work through partnering with churches, Christian colleges and seminaries and through organizational alliances.

Other Opportunities

There are many ways for us to connect. Invite an OMF International speaker to your event, find out where we are hosting events or what jobs are available here in the U.S.