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October 2021 Prayer Powerlines

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The Mekong River, filled with diverse people groups and everything from mega cities to remote villages, flows through five countries. And the vision of the Mekong minorities team is to see gospel movements flow among 70 of the most unreached people groups in the region. All share an urgent need: God’s word in their own language—for their church and for the people in places where they live. Join in prayer for the Shan people.

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The Lisu People

Lisu OMF Blog

The Lisu people of China, once animists who worshiped many gods, heard the gospel for the first time in the early 20th century. Through the working of God’s Spirit, the Lisu are now considered a Christian people group.

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VIDEO: Mekong Minorities

China OMF Blog Zhuang

As we learn more about the Zhuang, China’s largest ethnic minority people group, it’s helpful to understand the greater Mekong region they belong to and what it takes to minister among the minority peoples there.

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Esther's Brave Decision

China People Group Zhuang

“Is there really such a God like that? It sounds too good to be true!” This young village woman, who came to babysit our youngest child while we homeschooled our eldest two, was the first Zhuang person whom we led to the Lord.