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Loving Our Neighbors through Creation Care

OMF Blog Philippines

Uncle Asyo developed an amazing little farm in the city center. It included scores of fruit trees and herbs. He also raised chickens, ducks, and pigs, partly to produce natural fertilizer.
Uncle Asyo knew much about herbal medicine. When I started to feel sick, I grabbed a bandana and went to his house. He had me sit in their most comfortable chair and asked about my symptoms. Then he stepped outside.

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The Prayers of Her Enemies

Evangelism OMF Blog Philippines

Minda is a well-educated, skillful communicator and leader in her Manobo tribal community. When she was committed to her own religion, she viewed Christians with suspicion. She was 36 years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. An expensive operation was needed and each day brought her closer to death. She was terrified.