Bukang Liwayway Relief Project Update

Twenty years ago, OMF Philippines Field Member Patrick Hobbs began an integral ministry that includes planting house churches among Metro Manila’s urban poor. This ministry is now called Bukang Liwayway (BL). In English, this means Dawn for the Poor.
Bukang Liwayway3On Sunday evening, November 13, 2016, a major fire broke out in Welfareville, Mandaluyong City where Hobbs pioneered this ministry. Around 1,500 families (almost 6,000 people) lost their houses.
BL lost its livelihood center, preschool, and office. House church members and BL leaders lost their homes, along with all their possessions. They are getting government help for the very basic necessities of food and water, and are staying at temporary shelter. Huge immediate relief needs remain, along with longer-term needs for rebuilding. Help may be given by gifts directed to PH General Relief Project P65145, mentioning Welfareville. (From the OMF Philippines website.)
March 13, 2017 update from Philippines Field: By now there is a flat area where the fire was. The [affected] people have been assigned tiny places of 3 x 5 meters, and need to rebuild themselves. We are helping with building materials and four families have offered their first floor for Bukang Liwayway ministry to use. This is not enough space for an office, church, livelihood center and preschool, but it will be a start. [BL] hopes to be able to buy a place somewhere where they can have an office and livelihood center and maybe even rent out a part of it as a more stable source of income.

Ways to pray:

  • God, provide for the needs of those who lost their homes in this fire. Help them rebuild safe places for their families.
  • Lord, raise up the needed building space and resources so the Bukang Liwayway ministry can be fully equipped to serve the local community well.
  • God, make yourself known to the people of Welfareville. May they know they are seen and loved by you.

Are you a health care professional?

Bukang Liwayway is looking for medical and community development workers to help address health needs in urban poor communities. If you or someone you know may be interested, learn more here.
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