Braving the Elements

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As Mr. Nohara sat through a friend’s funeral, the young, Japanese law school student was captured by the messages of hope given by Christians at the service. Compelled and wanting to learn more, Mr. Nohara began biking regularly to church to attend worship services and Bible studies.
One might think that the distance and inclement weather would deter him. After all, Mr. Nohara had a track record of inconsistency and irresponsibility, eventually having to drop out of law school. Still, the young man biked through rain, scorching heat and typhoons to attend. He asked good questions—difficult questions—during studies. Mr. Nohara’s interest grew and an Alpha course, which taught basic tenets of the Christian faith, solidified his commitment to Christ.
In December 2013, Mr. Nohara made a public declaration of faith through baptism. In a country where 1 percent of the population identifies with Christianity, Mr. Nohara’s profession is no trivial commitment. Pray that this young man grows in Christ-like character and reaches other Japanese with the compelling message of the gospel.

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