Bow came to OMF’s Youth House in Thailand because she wanted to learn English. But there was only one problem—Bow wouldn’t talk!
The OMF student worker struggled through the lesson and heaved a sigh of relief when the hour was up. “It’s okay,” the OMF worker reassured herself, “I’m sure she won’t come back.”
But she did—every day for several weeks Bow attended the English lessons, came to the social events and joined a Bible study group. She even gave out tracts at a night market. But Bow still refused to speak, smile or interact with any of the Youth House members.
Then one day Bow asked to speak to her teacher alone. “I want to become a Christian,” she said.
Stunned, the OMF worker talked her through what that would mean, and as they chatted, Bow explained how the love and acceptance she had experienced in the Youth House had slowly but surely drawn her to Christ.
As she learned about God’s infinite love and forgiveness, Bow longed to have a relationship with him. She wanted to have what everyone else at the Youth House had.
Today Bow is busy sharing the gospel in her school and to her family. She still struggles to talk but she takes a Bible to school and invites her friends to read it during the lunch break.
Then she prays that what they read and what they see in her changed life will draw them to the One who loves them and died for them.
Praise God for his work in Bow’s life, and for the Youth House workers who poured their love into this young woman.
This story was originally published in OMF’s Billions magazine, April-June 2010.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Thailand’s Youth

Young people like Bow are yearning to find love and acceptance. In Isaan (Northeast Thailand), youth don’t know where to turn to find this sense of belonging. Young boys often grow up without fathers and young girls frequently turn to prostitution. OMF wants to see this pattern change.
We want to see Thailand’s youth transformed by the deep and unconditional love of God and raised up as the next generation of Thailand’s church leaders. Will you work toward this vision with us? Will you pray about joining our team? Visit our opportunities page to learn more.

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