How Gospel Programs Are Changing Lives in Japan

The Japanese aren’t known for their openness to spiritual conversation, yet Christian TV and radio programs are gaining rare access into Japanese homes and sharing the message of Christ.

What Happened When I Refused to Carry the Local Shrine

The conversation was fine to begin with. They were okay knowing that I am a Christian, but when it came to allegiance to the local shrine—things got tense.

Japan’s Aging Pastors

A gray-haired man slowly gets up and walks to the pulpit, as he has done for several decades. He looks out on a congregation of 40 people, mostly women, and begins preaching the gospel of Jesus [...]

How God Uses Change: What We Learned from Launching a New Brand

When I started at OMF, my first responsibility as VP for Communications was to launch a new brand and walk the organization through a process of transition. (Sounds like fun, huh?)

Reaching Japanese Men for Christ Through Sports

When I tell people about my passion to reach and disciple Japanese men for Christ, I hear the same question: But how do you get to spend time with them? One answer is: by playing sports.

Emiko’s Desperate Call

“I’m in bed with the flu, and, no, I do not want to go to Emiko’s apartment to tell her parents about Jesus.” “OK,” Kathi said, “I’ll ask her if we can come over tomorrow when you’re feeling better.”

5 Life Lessons I Learned from Asia

I will never forget the summer I spent in Asia in 2016 as an OMF Serve Asia worker. I first spent a month in Singapore working at KidZone, the children’s program during Orientation Course, which [...]

2018 February Prayer Powerlines

Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever. –Psalm 136:26   PRAY FOR JAPAN. Out of a population of 125 million only 0.3 percent are evangelical Christians, making Japanese people [...]

How Your Friendship Can Lead Japanese Neighbors to Christ

When Kyoko*, a young Japanese woman, arrived in Australia on a working holiday visa, she held an intense dislike for all religions, regarding them as cults who “brainwashed” their followers.

Lessons I Learned from a Japanese Returnee

Reina* became a Christian while spending time in the U.S. and has struggled for a number of years to find a church in Japan that she can settle into.