“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, 
which God prepared in advance for us to do. ” (Eph. 2:10)

“So, what is OMF all about?”

As OMF prepares for a season of attending various missions conferences this coming Fall and Winter, we are reflecting on this often-asked question. OMF is a global fellowship of Christians with a heart for East Asia. We are passionate to demonstrate and proclaim the good news to East Asia’s billions, many of whom have never seen or heard it. This month we will look at and pray through the 7 values of OMF. 


In 1865, Hudson Taylor founded the China Inland Mission and prayed for “willing, skillful workers” to join him. With just £10, and “all the promises of God” he prayed consistently, and God met all his needs. A year later Hudson Taylor, his wife, children and 16 missionaries left England for China. Praying as an expression of faith is an integral part of our life and service. We depend on God for holy living, fruit in our work and for all our needs. Pray for a passionate and committed prayer life for OMF workers. Pray for those workers who are having a hard time trusting God amid ever-changing circumstances. 


After six months on the field, a new missionary shared with supporters how surprised she was at how quickly her team felt like a family. “Even though we are from different countries, generations and backgrounds I feel like I am at home with these people.” We pursue our visions and mission together. We care for and support each other and share our resources. We encourage and enhance each other’s effectiveness. Pray for OMF teams to have a Christ-like unity and humility. Pray that teammates would encourage one another, and that non-Christians who interact with these teams would see a difference in how they work together. 

TUESDAYS • We are passionate to reach the UNREACHED

OMF’s mission is, “Through God’s grace we aim to see an indigenous biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia, evangelizing their own people and reaching out in mission to other peoples.” In places where there are no churches, or that have limited resources, we humbly and prayerfully engage in church planting. We focus on those who are overlooked or unengaged. We constantly evaluate and innovate in line with our vision. Pray for the missionaries on the front lines who are engaging with the unreached, that God would give them creativity and perseverance. Pray that God would call more workers with a heart to go where there is no established church.


Hudson Taylor believed the gospel would only take root if missionaries were willing to identify with the culture of the people they wanted to reach. We believe that too. We identify with our neighbors and live an appropriate lifestyle. We learn culture, language and worldview. We work in ways that encourage indigenous movements. Pray for new missionaries doing language and culture study. Pray for missionaries who are struggling with the culture and worldviews of those they live among. Pray that as locals become Christians, the gospel would spread in an indigenous way among surrounding peoples. 

THURSDAYS • We PARTNER in ministry

This month, Dr. Patrick Fung (OMF General Director), will be at a joint mission conference sharing the vision of fostering a missional discipleship movement through storytelling. The upcoming Hudson Taylor movie is part of this vision. The mission conference is co-hosted by five seminaries, four mission agencies and 13 churches in Los Angeles. We partner in ministry with sending churches, with local churches in the ministry context and with like-minded Christians and mission agencies. Pray that the conference (12th and 13th) would foster a missional discipleship movement among both those who attend in LA and all who attend virtually. Pray for those with OMF who work with home side churches. As churches open back up after the pandemic, pray for opportunities to share more about what partnership looks like. 

FRIDAYS • We lead from the MINISTRY context

Our efforts are as diverse as the communities and cities we reach. They range from initial prayer for a people or place to seeing local churches send out believers in mission. Sharing the gospel is a creative endeavor that we work to see multiplied. We do it through community development, the starting of businesses, healthcare, hobbies, training – and many other ways. Our strategy is developed by those engaged in the ministry. Our structures, administration and policies are designed to serve the ministry. Our various centers work together to accomplish the ministry objectives. Pray for creativity among missionaries and local workers. Praise God for the way OMF works together, a great example being the Day of Prayer last month, in which all centers prayed through the same material. 

SATURDAYS • We celebrate DIVERSITY in unity

A missionary on home assignment told their home church, “One part of my job I love most is that not only am I learning the culture and worldview of the people group we work with, but also that of the different missionaries I’m on a team with. Worshiping together feels like a glimpse of heaven.” We value the diversity that God has given us. We respect one another and maintain our unity in Christ. We foster unity and cooperation among Christians. Pray for New Horizons, a global team seeking mutually beneficial partnerships in countries without an OMF sending center, as they engage with prospective missionaries. Pray for teams on the field to value and appreciate each other, especially when miscommunications arise.

Click here to download the August 2022 Prayer Powerlines. It includes a list of conferences that OMF will attend throughout the rest of 2022.


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