“By his power God raised the Lord from the dead, and he will raise us also,” (1 Corinthians 6:14).

April 2021

SUNDAYS • Praising God for his abundant love
On Sundays this month, join in prayer with thousands of believers across East Asia and beyond, rejoicing in the celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection. Thank God for his abundant blessings, praying that the Holy Spirit would break through barriers, allowing millions of East and Southeast Asians to learn more about Christ.

MONDAYS • Spiritual fervency
Muslims around the world are preparing for their annual fasting month, starting around the evening of April 12. Throughout Muslim communities, Ramadan is a time of spiritual fervency and commitment. Pray that in his mercy God would reveal himself during this special time.

TUESDAYS • Hudson Taylor movie script
Praise God for the completion of the script that aligns with this vision: “A movie designed to spark a hunger for God and his purposes in hearts around the world.” Pray for funding needed to move the film into production. Pray that the film, once produced, inspires people to live lives of wholehearted abandonment to God, impacting others for his glory.

WEDNESDAYS • Sensitive learners
Crossing cultures and language barriers is always challenging. Ask God to give extra sensitivity to Asian followers of Jesus as they interact with their Muslim neighbors. May Christians speak with gentleness and respect, and be willing to learn about their local cultures.

THURSDAYS • Love and forgiveness
Pray for Muslims across East Asia and Southeast Asia to call out to God and receive his blessings. Pray that believers will love their Muslim neighbors and live in peace the way Jesus demonstrated. Pray that followers of Christ would ask for forgiveness for any wrongs committed.

FRIDAYS • Isolated believers
Pray for isolated believers in areas where there are very few known Christians. They can easily feel afraid, or alone. Ask that the Holy Spirit would provide comfort and encouragement, giving opportunities for fellowship with other believers. Pray that the presence of God would be an ever-increasing reality to them. Pray that they would have opportunities to learn more about Jesus, including reading scripture online.

SATURDAYS • Ten precious people groups
Pray that more Christians around the world would pray regularly for the Muslim people groups of the Silk Road. Pray that God would burden more people to love and serve them. For more information on these people groups, contactUS.Prayer@omfmail.com.

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