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Global Frontier Missions and OMF International (US) are partnering in a year long apprenticeship program. Students who qualify for this apprenticeship will attend a five-month missionary training program in Atlanta, GA, followed by seven months serving on the mission field with OMF International in one of at least three possible locations (Taiwan, Japan, or SE Asia; others may be added in the future).

Global Frontier Missions

Global Frontier Missions will provide the training phase for missions through classroom instruction and life-on-life discipleship with long-term missionaries. Students will also have hands-on, cross-cultural missions experience serving among refugees.

Apprentices will, in addition, live incarnationally among unreached people groups in very diverse apartment complexes. This will allow many opportunities for the apprentices to apply what they are learning in the classroom.

OMF International

OMF International will provide up to seven months of on field training and service. Students will be involved in language learning, mentoring by veteran missionaries, ministry opportunities and outreach.



Beginning to explore this opportunity…

  • What will OMF help with during the first stages of this program?
    • Train and Go apprentices will participate in OMF’s Serve Asia program. Serve Asia will respond to inquiries, connect inquirers with field opportunities and screen for healthy matches with receiving teams. Ideally, the applicants will have field acceptance before they begin their GFM experience.
    • OMF will allow apprentices to raise funds through OMF and then OMF will distribute funds to the apprentice as needed.
    • Serve Asia will provide materials and services regarding pre-field preparation, debriefing and follow-up mentoring.

Going to Atlanta to start training with GFM…

  • Will GFM manage local travel to Atlanta?
    • GFM will handle any airport transfers but apprentices are responsible for their own transportation to and from the training center, ministry outreaches, etc. Clarkston is a walkable community; however, bringing your own transportation is preferred. Apprentices are responsible for all of their own transportation costs other than airport transfers.
  • Will GFM manage housing details for students?
    • Housing for singles is included in what we charge for the program. We can make recommendations for couples and families to help get them set up in apartments.
    • Train and Go apprentices are responsible for all of their food and personal expenses (cell phone, medical, toiletries, insurance, etc.) during the 5-month program with GFM.
  • What will a typical week with GFM look like?
    • Your training includes 20 hours in the classroom each week, personal discipleship time with a staff disciple, weekly accountability groups, and 12-15 hours of cross-cultural service each week.
  • What else should we know that GFM will help with?
    • All missionary training program expenses are included (books, copies, guest speakers, “freedom camp” offsite retreat, evangelistic and discipleship ministry materials, graduation, occasional meals, special trainings, etc.).
    • GFM has a relationship with several educational partners so that college credit may be earned.
    • GFM has a family program where children can get an age-appropriate version of training that the parents are getting. This is best suited for families that are home-schooling during this Train and Go apprenticeship.
    • Dates: Jan-May and Aug-Dec. There is a one week break during Easter/Thanksgiving.

Going overseas to serve with OMF…

  • How will OMF help with serving overseas?
    • OMF International will manage international travel, travel insurance, emergency planning, ministry opportunities and on-field mentoring.
    • Serve Asia will take care of purchasing international flights to/from Asia as well as travel insurance. The apprentice will be responsible for holding U.S.-based primary health insurance.
    • Once the apprentice arrives in Asia, our field personnel will care for them for the duration of their placement. Apprentices will be involved in language learning, mentoring by veteran cross-cultural workers, and outreach opportunities. Possible activities include the following: creation care, sports, art, teaching English, and working with youth or college students.
    • Opportunities and teams will all look different based on ministry location. The apprentice will need to take initiative to follow the suggestions of the team and join in the team life (meetings, outings, meals, etc.).




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