What Does the Almighty God Cult (Eastern Lightning) Believe? 

Article Featured in 2014 GCM September

Founder Zhao Weishan preached that Jesus has come back to earth a second time already in the form of a local Henan woman known by some as Yang Xiangbin, also called Lightning Deng. The cult rabidly opposes the Communist Party as the “Red Dragon” and its voluminous “scriptures” consist largely of vicious harangues calling down God’s judgement. They reject the true Bible as outdated and accept a theology in which Christ is regarded to have failed. In the new era of the Female Messiah, those who accept the new teaching will be saved.

The cult has wreaked havoc in rural house churches, taking over churches by force and kidnapping Christian leaders. Cult members use sophisticated methods to inveigle people into their control. Often members act as “moles” to infiltrate existing orthodox house churches and use all the right language to allay suspicion. They target the spiritually-minded with invitations to attend their own meetings. But once in the cult, escape is extremely difficult, if not torturous. Those trying to escape may be beaten, blackmailed, drugged, imprisoned and even killed. There is little doubt among experienced Chinese Christians that there is a strong demonic element at the root of this cult.