Partnering together to
bring hope to billions.

OMF International is an inter-denominational and international fellowship serving in 14 East Asian nations, with various Diaspora ministries in places like North America, Europe and Africa. Workers and prayer are mobilized from 16 home centers throughout the world. Our international headquarters are located in Singapore.

OMF International’s top-tier decision-making body, consists of the General Director and International Director team.

Each country’s home team receives guidance from a national leadership team, which consults international leadership but makes decisions to fit its unique cultural context and available resources. Home teams mobilize workers and prayer on behalf of all fields, creating unity between home sides and bringing diversity to field teams.

The U.S. team leads a variety of efforts to move the American church toward involvement in God’s mission among East Asia’s peoples. These efforts include developing partnerships, advocating for OMF International opportunities, training and sending short-term teams, building up a national volunteer base and equipping mission-minded individuals to follow God’s call.

With a wide range of ministries and approximately 3,000 staff, volunteers and workers, OMF International’s organizational structure aims to be flexible and wide-reaching, yet grounded in expertise. From our top leaders to our faithful volunteers, OMF International seeks God’s guidance to carry out the urgent evangelization of East Asia’s peoples.

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