An Open Letter to TCKs

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) lead unique lives. While there are many joys, there are also challenges. Through it all, they are a continual blessing to others as this open letter to TCKs illustrates.

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Dear TCKs of all ages,

I hope you know what a delight you are—yes, to your own families, but also to your aunties and uncles in God’s family. I’m one of those aunties.

Years ago I worked with a couple of other single ladies in a small mountain town. We were quite isolated and looked forward to gathering with other families at the annual winter conference. I think many of you probably did too. It was a time to meet friends that we had not seen for many months. But, I wonder if you knew how special it was for us to see each of you and marvel at how much you had blossomed in a year.

Before we all parted at the end of each conference, you always blessed us with a special performance. What a treat! You sang your hearts out and almost perfectly even remembered the motions. You acted out skits. Some were funny and made me laugh. Others brought tears to my eyes because I knew you wrote them, and they grew out of real-life interaction with truths God was teaching you.
I was right there with your parents straining to see the slideshow photos of you playing games, doing crafts and enjoying outings around town. Perhaps you never knew how much you inspired us.

Long after everyone waved goodbye you continued to be an encouragement. You wrote cards and shared stories. You sent photos and reminded us to pray for you. You tried new foods, and during your summer break, came with us to help with camps, cleanups, farming and printing projects.

Although I am retired now, you still stir my heart. Hearing about your career opportunities and realizing the challenges you face gives me pause. I know I need to keep praying for you.

Then one day as I was recovering from surgery, a package arrived. Inside was a painting from one of you. It included various shades of lush grass on layers of rolling hills touching billowy blue skies while puffs of pink blooms cover every inch of space in the foreground. Beside a planted tree the words God gave to Joshua are brushed in white whispers: “Be Strong Be Courageous Do not be Afraid FOR THE LORD YOUR GOD GOES BEFORE YOU WHEREVER YOU GO.I’m well now, but the painting is still by my desk—a beautiful blessing.

Thank you TCK friends! You are reminders of God’s faithfulness and beacons of his hope. Know that you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, one of whom is an OMF auntie.

With a grateful heart,

Auntie W.

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