By an OMF worker in Cambodia
Twenty years ago we stayed in Reng’s house.
We visited his remote Brao village often and since he was a village leader, we needed his cooperation to encourage villagers to join literacy classes.
Unfortunately, much of the time Reng was drunk. He often asked us for money to buy alcohol. For nearly a decade, he remained resistant to even discussing Christianity.
In fact, nobody in his village had become a Christian.
Fast forward several years when Kevin, another OMF worker, took a young man from Ta Veng district to seek medical care for a tumor in his neck. Unfortunately, they discovered it was too late to treat the cancerous tumor, and the man eventually died. But the story doesn’t end there.
Because of the loving care the workers and medical staff showed to the man, he became a Christian before he died, as did his wife, his daughter, Maum, and his daughter’s husband, Thung.  What a miracle to realize Thung was the son of Reng—the same village leader who resisted Christ 20 years before!
Finally, last year, Reng, now retired from his village leader position, accepted Christ. He was baptized several months ago, nearly 20 years after first hearing the gospel.
Recently, 15 people were baptized in Reng’s village. Lives are changing, the kingdom of God is coming and the name of Jesus Christ is being honored among the Brao people of northeast Cambodia.

The Growth of Christianity in Cambodia

The Brao church isn’t the only evidence of God’s work in Cambodia. Christianity has seen incredible growth despite the harrowing persecution of the 1970s.
View the timeline to learn more.

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