5 Books on Buddhism You Need to Read Plus Bonus Resources

Looking for resources on Buddhism? These are some of our favorites. Whether you’re looking for scholarly publications or stories of former Buddhists, we have something for you. Start with our top five, and work your way down.

I Once Was a Buddhist Nun

This biography provides rare insight into the life of a Buddhist nun and how her life was changed by encountering Jesus. Detailing her personal story of exploring many faiths prior to becoming a Buddhist nun, Esther shares her life as a Theravada Buddhist and the peace she discovered in Christianity. >>Buy on Amazon

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Buddhism

OMF’s resident Buddhism expert, Dr. Alex G. Smith, provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of Buddhism in this easy-to-read booklet. >>Buy on Amazon

Buddhist Priest Meets Jesus

Translated from the Japanese, this book details an insider look into Buddhism and the struggles and journey of one Buddhist priest coming to faith in Christ. >>Buy on Amazon

Articles on Buddhism

Joshua Project Buddhism Profile

An overview of the presence of Buddhism worldwide and the progress made toward reaching Buddhist peoples with the gospel.

How Much Do You Know About Buddhism?, June 27, 2019

Have you ever wondered about the Buddhist worldview? Whether you’re a master of comparative religion or an interested novice, take our quiz to find out and learn about Buddhism!

Understanding the Buddhist Worldview, June 27, 2019

Burgeoning Buddhism significantly influences more than one billion people worldwide. Learn about the Buddhist worldview and types of Buddhism.

Is American Buddhism the Same as Eastern Buddhism, July 15, 2019

What’s the difference between American Buddhism and Eastern Buddhism? Learn more about the complex nature of Buddhism and how the church can love their Buddhist neighbors better.

Further Resources on Buddhism

Buddhism: A Christian Exploration and Appraisal, Keith Yandell, Harold Netland, 2009 

More in the West are adopting Buddhist teachings, but do they understand the religion they are embracing? This book explores what Buddhism is and provides a comparison between the religions of Christianity and Buddhism.

Peoples of the Buddhist World: A Christian Prayer Diary, Paul Hattaway, 2005

Researcher and author Paul Hattaway introduces more than 200 Buddhist people groups around the world. Compelling photos and insightful articles accompany the profiles.

Family and Faith in Asia: The Missional Impact of Extended Networks(KINDLE VERSION) , Paul De Neui, 2013

How do we share Jesus in a Buddhist culture? This collection of articles discusses the role of the family in Asian society. Focused on providing a framework for approaching mission in a non-Western context.

Communicating Christ through Story and Song: Orality in Buddhist Contexts (Southeast Asian Network (SEANET) Book 5) (KINDLE VERSION) ,Paul De Neui, 2014

Sharing the gospel of Christ within a Buddhist context requires a shift in communication. The need for orality in mission is well documented in this book that discusses why oral tradition is vital in communicating truth.

The Spirit of Buddhism: A Christian Perspective on Buddhist Thought, David Burnett, 2007 

Dr. David Burnett, former missionary to India, provides insights on Buddhist thought and how to approach this from a Christian perspective.

Sacred Moments: Reflections on Buddhist Rites and Christian Rituals, 2019

This collection of writing highlights the importance and value of ritual in life. It provides an overview of various Buddhist rites and explores how to contextualize rituals as a Christian.

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