“May, a Shan woman, recently lost her husband. In her deep sadness and loneliness, she heard the gospel. In July she decided to follow Jesus and has been sharing her testimony and her love of Christ with many. Numerous people noticed her transformation and now several Shan are interested in becoming a Christian and learning more about Jesus!”
-A worker among the Shan

 God is doing a work among the Shan (also called the Shan Tai). Join with many others praying for breakthrough for the 6 million Buddhist Shan Tai of Myanmar, Thailand and Southwest China. Researchers estimate that about one-tenth of one percent (0.1 percent) are Christian. In the past few years, gospel momentum has been slowly building among the Shan. More are coming to faith and being baptized than ever before. Pioneering work is happening in new regions. God is using radio broadcasts, gospel CDs and SD cards, and the Shan Bible app to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in remote areas.
Pray with us in October for breakthrough as we cry out to God for the gospel to be proclaimed and for the birth of a biblical indigenous church movement among the Shan!
To join other intercessors in united prayer for the Shan throughout the month of October:

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