“Give thanks unto the LORD for he is good; His love endures forever.” (Psalm 118:1)

Praying for the People of Chosun (DPR Korea; North Korea)
SUNDAYS • Praying for the people of Chosun

About 25 million people live in the DPRK, often called North Korea. They call themselves the Chosun people. Most of these people work on farms or in factories. Travel is limited between towns, and has been more limited during the coronavirus era over the last two years. Pray that these people will experience God–perhaps by seeing Him in nature, by meeting believers in their neighborhoods, or by listening to the radio.

MONDAYS • Praying for provision

Chosun people in the DPRK need food. Most have something to eat but are always hungry. The winter cold in the North may last until March. People need fuel (including coal) to heat their houses. They need healthcare. Pray that they get enough food and that their apartments and houses would be warm enough.

TUESDAYS • Dealing with COVID challenges

The DPRK stated in May of 2022 that they had some coronavirus/’fever’ cases. In August they said they had conquered that problem. In September, they began giving vaccines (made in China) to people. They re-enforced the wearing of masks and took other measures, as the numbers of cases went up in China, Japan, and the South (Jan 2023). In January 2023 China began relaxing its COVID restrictions and this will no doubt affect what the DPRK does. Pray that COVID cases would decrease, and that foreigners would be allowed in again.

WEDNESDAYS • Felt needs among the Chosun

Children ages 5-16 attend school. Beginning there, they are taught about the Great Leaders Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il. Younger children learn about the leaders’ childhoods. Portraits of these two men are at the front of every classroom. Pray that as children learn about created things, they would be curious about who really created them. Pray that God would keep their hearts open to the Creator God so that they might seek Him while young.

THURSDAYS • The leader and his family

In November of 2022, DPRK media released pictures of Chairman Kim Jong-Eun with his 9-year-old daughter ‘Ju-Ae’ – doing a missile review. He was possibly showing that he is a family man; he was possibly showing who he may select as the one to follow him. She is the second child, with an older sister and older brother. Pray for young Ju-Ae and her sister and brother, that they would know true father love and seek Father God.

FRIDAYS • Expatriate professionals

Many Christian international professionals want to live and serve in Chosun but are unable to enter the country because of continuing COVID restrictions. (US citizens have not been allowed to visit since 2017–because of US rules.) Pray that the borders would open up again soon and these professionals can return to work. Pray for many who want to enter but are waiting; pray that they would prepare well, and continue to pray for this land and its people.

SATURDAYS • Believers worshipping Christ

In spite of all the hardships and obstacles, there is a quiet church among the Chosun people. Praise God. Believers meet at night, quietly and in very small groups. Pray that they sense the peace and presence of God with them, and be Jesus’ fragrance to those around them. May God bless the faith and love of his people in the North—and protect them.

Click here to download the March 2023 Prayer Powerlines.

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