“Look to the LORD and his strength; see his face always,” (1 Chronicles 16:11)

SUNDAYS • Abundant growth

Thank God for how he has blessed the people of Mongolia during the last 25 years. Churches have grown from a handful of believers to tens of thousands. Thank God for effective evangelists who continue to share the gospel. Ask God to empower first-generation Mongolian believers with a vision for cross-cultural ministry among unreached Buddhist peoples farther south.

MONDAYS • Peoples of the Mekong

The diversity of peoples within the Mekong region is visible through the tremendous range of languages and cultures represented among them. From small groups of thousands to larger ones of twenty million, they all share urgent spiritual needs: access to the Bible in their own language, the church established within their culture and pastoral leaders serving neighborhoods and villages. Pray for the Lord of the Harvest to thrust out more workers.

TUESDAYS • Renewed vision for ministry

Ask God to renew OMF cross-cultural workers with power and vision for ministry, serving East Asia’s people. “Lord, give our friends certainty that you have called them to vital ministries. Remind them of your strength working in them and through them to your glory, especially in times when they may feel weak.”

WEDNESDAYS • Pioneering vision

Pray for many smaller, unreached people groups, hidden away in remote regions of East Asia. The “AK” people (numbering only 8,500) strongly follow Theravada Buddhism. Local believers have neglected this group, sometimes preferring to engage with larger groups instead. There are no known believers among the “AK.” Please pray that they would see the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior from sin.

THURSDAYS • Supporting third culture kids

In this internet-connected world, children face many opportunities and dangers. Pray for missionary kids to find their identity, belonging, and autonomy in their deepening relationship with Christ and the family of God. Praise the Lord for the global OMF team specifically commissioned to provide support to missionary parents and children.

FRIDAYS • Equipping faithful leaders

In Bangkok, many churches struggle to stay connected with believers who do not have a strong faith yet, or are not well connected through mobile phones or computer. Pray for the churches to know God’s leading in encouraging members and others. Praise the Lord for seminaries in Thailand. Pray for the students not only to gather knowledge and be practically equipped for their future ministries, but also to grow in their love and trust in God.

SATURDAYS • Need for younger workers

Pray for strength and joy in the Japanese church. Many pastors are tired and many Christians are discouraged. Amid much effort, the church in Japan is shrinking: 72 percent of all pastors are over age 60, while only 2 percent of the pastors are in their thirties.

Love in action

To serve as Jesus did means we listen and respond to the challenges people face. When Christians seize opportunities to help by sharing their skills and expertise, Jesus’ love is demonstrated, even if restrictions are placed on explicit sharing of the gospel message. God has directed missionaries to develop creative avenues so that genuine love is evident. Pray that God continues to use these platforms in powerful ways, sharing the hope of Christ among East Asia’s peoples.

Creation Care

Severe storms, floods, droughts and the widespread degradation of oceans, soils and forests affect the wellbeing of people across East Asia, one of the most natural disaster-prone regions of the world. Yet its affected populations are often the least equipped to recover from the damage. Extending the love of Jesus to our East Asian neighbors means caring for the land on which they depend. “Lord, we pray for East Asians who face growing environmental challenges. We pray that Christian workers can respond appropriately to those challenges in Jesus’ name. We pray for your leading to engage constructively with government agencies, universities and other public bodies who are developing responses to environmental issues.”

Healthcare Ministries

Providing compassionate health care demonstrates the love of God in tangible ways and breaks down opposition to the gospel. Whether in villages or cities of East Asia, vast healthcare needs represent opportunities and open doors for building relationships and offering healing in Christ. “Lord, may those seeking medical care find hope, healing and ultimate peace in Christ. We pray that compassion and grace would mark the care of Christian healthcare professionals.” To receive a prayer bulletin focused on AIDS care ministry in Thailand, contact US.prayer@omfmail.com.

Missional Business

In regions of East Asia where typical missionary roles like church planting or evangelism aren’t welcome, missional businesses are meeting people at the intersection of spiritual and economic need. Coffee shops, restaurants and tech companies are just a few avenues Christians are using to build relationships and share the gospel in difficult-to-reach areas. “Lord, we pray for guidance for those looking to set up missional businesses. Direct them to the right location, product and business model and provide a way forward as they navigate the legal details. We pray for missional businesses to be financially viable so they can contribute to the local economy and sustain ongoing ministry in their communities.”

To download the pdf version of our Prayer Powerlines newsletter, Click Here.

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Anita Lao
Anita Lao
3 years ago

please us Capital letter to address God, Jesus or Holy Spirit i.e.
Thank God for how he has blessed” should be “Thank God for how He has blessed”