“By his power God raised the Lord from the dead, and he will raise us also,” (1 Cor. 6:14).

SUNDAYS • Praising God for his abundant love

On Sundays this month, join in prayer with thousands of believers across East Asia and beyond, rejoicing in the celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection. Thank God for his abundant blessings; pray that the Holy Spirit would break through barriers, allowing millions of East Asians to hear the gospel and receive Christ as Savior. Rejoice in God’s grace calling scores of new workers to cross-cultural ministry where most needed.

MONDAYS • Spiritual fervency

Muslims around the world are preparing for their annual fasting month, starting April 23. Throughout Muslim communities, Ramadan is a time of spiritual fervency and commitment. Pray that in his mercy God would reveal himself to those who are seeking him during this special time.

TUESDAYS • God’s powerful love as a shepherd

Psalm 23 reminds us, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” Praise Jesus for loving us. Pray for Muslim communities across East Asia to hear how God loves us, seeing that love demonstrated in the lives of believers within their communities. Kazak and Kyrgyz people are traditionally nomadic herders. Praise God that people like these have a deep understanding of how a shepherd cares for his flock.

 WEDNESDAYS • Provision for families

In many Muslim communities, parents who sacrifice time and resources for their family are honored. Praise God for sacrificial family values. Many parents travel long distances to find work. Pray that families would learn more about Jesus and experience God’s rest. May God give opportunities for parents to reconnect with their children.

THURSDAYS • Isolated believers

Pray for isolated believers in areas where there are very few known Christians. They can easily feel afraid, or alone. Ask that the Holy Spirit would provide comfort and encourage them, giving opportunities for fellowship with other believers. Pray that the presence of God would be an ever-increasing reality to them. Pray for opportunities to learn more about Jesus, including reading scripture online.

 FRIDAYS • Coronavirus impact

East Asia desperately needs prayer for the coronavirus situation. Cities are shut down across China, with people only allowed to leave their homes at certain times. Schools are closed and students are taking classes online. People are afraid and panic-buying supplies. Pray for God’s purposes to reign. The coming weeks will have enormous lasting impact on the futures of China and surrounding countries. Pray for God’s grace to intervene.

SATURDAYS • Gracious hospitality

Many Muslim communities exhibit a rich heritage of hospitality. A guest is lavished with the finest delicacies. Thank God for this cultural heritage, which reflects his abundant love. Pray that God’s people might seek multiple open doors of hospitality, building friendships with their neighbors.

Praying boldly with confident faith

Many people don’t associate Islam with East Asia but the region is actually home to millions of Muslims. In fact, there is great diversity among these Muslim people groups with different ethnic backgrounds and religious practices. In OMF, our desire and calling is to serve all peoples of East Asia, including Muslims. We seek to live among and engage with them, in the hope that they would learn about the love of Jesus. Join us as we pray for Muslims of East Asia.

 Praise God for multiple prayer resources, energizing intercession:

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3 years ago

Prayers requested are praises by saints who desire deeper walk with the Lord. They love to bring burdens as they rejoice being servants and friends! O Lord, our Lord how excellent is thy name above the earth ( Ps 8:1)