May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you. -Psalm 67:3

SUNDAYS • Thai believers standing strong

Thailand’s religious culture is primarily Buddhist, including idol worship and spirit appeasement, and their religious beliefs are woven into social culture and everyday life. Community life revolves around the temple. Fear of being isolated from their community is a barrier to following Christ. Pray that this will be overcome as Thai hear God’s truth, observing the transformed lives of Thai Christians and the loving community that believers experience.

MONDAYS • Need for discipleship

Evangelism remains a priority in Thailand where less than one percent of the population know Christ. Teaching and discipling have been equally important in building up the Thai church. Pray for good lay training programs in each area and clear Bible teaching in each church. Thai Christians need to understand the depth of their own sin, to experience the riches of God’s grace and also to know and obey the Word.

TUESDAYS • Hearing God’s story

The vast majority of Thai can read, but most prefer to learn orally.  Missionaries are increasingly using oral strategies such as Bible storytelling and are training Thai Christians to do likewise. Pray for effective use of this method to evangelize and disciple. OMF Thailand hosts an online evangelistic site and networks with others to develop more and improved IT resources. Nationals are needed as coaches who respond to inquiries.

WEDNESDAYS • Leadership development

Thailand has several seminaries and smaller Bible schools. A great need in all of these is faithfulness to the Word of God and to the faith once delivered to the saints. Another need is for more young people to dedicate their lives to God’s service. There are scores of gifted evangelical leaders, but they need to be upheld through intercession. Pray that younger leaders will rely on God for every need.

THURSDAYS • Multiplication and revival

Researchers estimate that 88% of Thailand’s people—a staggering 61 million—have yet to hear of Christ. The Thai church wants to plant a church in every sub-district. Growth has been steady, but slow. OMF has been training leaders for “indigenous biblical church multiplication.” Pray for a breakthrough; God answers prayer.

FRIDAYS • Need for resources

Christian literature in the Thai language is limited, especially in the areas of theology and pastoral training.  More resources need to be translated. Pray for anointed Thai Christian writers and the publishing ministry in Bangkok. Praise God for the Thai Bible Society and the Gideons who distribute Scriptures throughout the country.

SATURDAYS • Regions beyond  

The Thai Home Mission has encouraged believers to serve as cross-cultural missionaries and interest is growing.  Pray that a steady stream of Thai missionaries will go to serve in nearby countries. Some Christians from among the hill tribe minorities have a vision to reach their own people groups living in surrounding “creative access” nations.

Pray for the people of Thailand

 The name “Thailand” means “land of the free.” For Thai people, the number nine is seen as lucky. They like it in their house numbers, in their phone number, on their license plates and even on their shirtsleeves.

The number 99 is seen as doubly good; a well-known public figure once made merit at 99 temples across Thailand in an attempt to change his luck. The Thai people need to know that numbers don’t bring luck, prosperity, peace or freedom. In order to be really free, they need to know Jesus, the Giver of true life and freedom. Please pray that the Thai might know the truth and be made free.

  • May God bless the Thai people with righteousness.
  • May the Lord bless the Thai people with contentment.
  • May the blessing of God’s kingdom be established in Thailand.
  • May the truth of God become clear.
  • May the grace of God come to and through the church.
  • May the light of Christ enlighten the hearts of the Thai people.
  • May the love of God be poured into every heart.
  • May the abundant life of Christ come to Thailand.

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