Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness; tremble before him, all the earth. –Psalm 96:9
1. HONG KONG. Lord, give the team in Hong Kong clear wisdom in producing Chinese literature that will encourage different generations. We pray for creative channels through which the publications may reach out in effective ways, challenging readers to become involved in supporting outreach.
2. NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER. Lord, thank you for challenging U.S. believers seeking revival and grace for our nation. Thank you for continuing to call out scores of new workers, donors, and intercessors who faithfully participate in The Task Unfinished.
3. PRAYER MOBILIZATION. Lord, we intercede for the OMF (U.S.) Prayer Mobilization Team Retreat as staff and volunteers meet in Colorado this weekend. We pray for their team unity, vision casting, brainstorming, and powerful times of prayer together during the conference.
4. JAPAN. Lord, may Japanese Christians be salt and light wherever you have placed them. Empower them as your witnesses and give them the boldness to speak of you in a society where faith is not often talked about.
5. DIASPORA. Lord, we pray for missionaries working together to help Asian believers preparing to return to their home countries. Bless this ministry, Lord. May the partners work effectively to equip them with the knowledge of your word, and provide them with the necessary support back home.
6. BLESSING MUSLIMS. Lord, with the Muslim month of Ramadan beginning today, we pray that many Muslims who hunger to please God would meet Jesus, who said, “whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst” (John 4:13).
7. CAMBODIA. Have mercy, Lord, as we ask for spiritual breakthrough in those regions of Cambodia which are still very closed to the good news. Lord, we ask for meaningful opportunities for Christ to be known.
8. SKYLANDS. Lord God, even where local churches are small and struggling, we pray that these believers from Tibetan Buddhist backgrounds would be revived and impassioned to see the gospel spread among non-believers.
9. VISION CASTING. Lord, we thank you for the National Leadership Team directing the ministry of OMF (U.S.). Guide them today during their conference as they seek your wisdom for the months and year ahead.
10. URBAN CHINA. With one billion people flocking to China’s cities by 2030, Lord, we ask for a massive inflow of believers to come and serve there, for urban Chinese churches to stand up, that what is found in the city, Lord, is you.
11. SEEKING GOD. Five times a day the call to prayer can be heard around the city. “God is greater, God is greater. There is no God but God, there is no God but God.” Father, we pray for the many Muslims taking time to perform ritual prayers each day. Let them know that you love them.
12. MOTHER’S DAY. Today we praise you, God, for women around the world who have invested their lives in the next generation. We pray for your blessing on mothers who are leaving a spiritual legacy to their children, friends and neighbors throughout East Asia.
13. VIETNAM. Lord, may the Prince of Peace be known fully in a country that has been historically associated with conflict. We thank you for the measure of peace, unity and prosperity you have granted to the Vietnamese people.
14. THAILAND’S MINORITIES. Lord God, thank you for growing your church among so many minority groups throughout Thailand. Please help these Christians to share the gospel with others, especially as they move throughout the country for employment and education.
15. MISSIONAL BUSINESS. God, please help Christians living in Muslim areas to start businesses that will bless their customers, employees, communities and investors. Please help these entrepreneurs as they work through legal and financial challenges for their businesses.
16. TAIWAN. Thank you, Lord, for increased awareness among Taiwanese churches of unreached groups. Some local churches are starting ministries outside their previous areas of influence and comfort. Give them vision, faith and endurance to share Christ’s abundant love.
17. KOREA. Lord, you know that some of our brothers and sisters in the DPRK (North Korea) are held in prison because of their faith in Jesus as Lord. Please draw near to them and make your presence known to them. Empower them to spread the Good News throughout the prisons.
18. SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Thank you, Lord, for kingdom advancement among a minority people in Southeast Asia. Thank you that the ministry is going well and certain villages are experiencing some loosening, showing more receptivity. We give praise that a demonized man was delivered and that six people from his family believed, with three more in another family.
19. BUILDING TRUST. Lord, we thank you for the power of genuine love when believers radiate Christ’s love among the lost. Thank you for specific cases where nonbelievers take note of supernatural love, prompting them to ask more about the gospel.
20. SENSITIVITY. The Muslim month of fasting is a festive time that fulfills important social functions. In some areas, followers of Jesus feel welcome to join some of the activities, but in others they are excluded. Father, may Christians be sensitive, loving and creative during this special time.
21. POWERFUL IMPACT. Lord God, we praise you for the ongoing legacy and inspiration of pioneer missionaries like Hudson Taylor. May those who read his biography be challenged to respond, supporting ministry among East Asians. We rejoice today in this anniversary of Taylor’s birth (1832).
22. CLEAR WISDOM. Like the Day of Atonement sacrifice, Ramadan must be repeated each year. Lord, may the month of fasting open hearts of Muslims in Southeast Asia to Jesus who died once, for all time, taking care of sin forever.
23. MORE WORKERS. Lord, we thank you for calling 17 applicants to consider attending the July Candidate Course in Denver. Give them clear wisdom to complete needed steps in the process, and great faith moving forward seeking your direction.
24. SINGAPORE. We thank you, Lord, for believers in Singapore. Please use your people to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many workers to East Asians, sharing the good news about Jesus.
25. FREE FROM DARKNESS. We pray, Father, that believers from a Southeast Asian people group would so reflect the peace and joy of the Lord that neighbors around them will be drawn to Christ. We pray that the light of Jesus will shine into their hearts. We pray for people to be set free from darkness and every bondage of the evil one.
26. SERVE ASIA. Lord, we thank you for strategic opportunities that challenge a new generation of workers. We ask that you equip each participant taking Serve Asia pre-field training this weekend in Denver. Send them out with faith and confidence in you, going with eager hearts to serve and learn.
27. MEMORIAL DAY. Father, we thank you for a holiday weekend, with the opportunity to reflect on those who have served our country selflessly. Give us faith and sensitivity, listening to your Spirit direct our lives to glorify you through prayer, stewardship and mobilizing others.
28. RECONCILIATION. Father, thank you for your promise that through Christ you have done everything needed for forgiveness and to make us part of your restored new creation. We plead with you to bring this realization to many who fast this month.
29. MISSION SUPPORT. Lord, we thank you for directing the finance and administrative staff in Denver as their work directly supports field missionaries. Guide the staff with clear wisdom in developing technology systems that facilitate effective communication. Give wisdom in planning for the summer season and monitoring adequate cash flow. Thank you for faithful donors who contribute to projects and missionaries.
30. BRIDGE ASIA VOLUNTEERS. Lord, the Development Team is looking for volunteers who are willing to build relationships with our financial partners—send them cards, call them, and help with special events. We pray that you will provide volunteers who will partner with OMF (U.S.) in this ministry with joy, and that they would be a blessing to those who support OMF.
31. NIGHT OF POWER. Lord God, on this night (Laylat al-Qadr) when millions of Muslims seek forgiveness of sins, we pray that your Spirit would speak directly to those open to your love. May this be a time when Jesus Christ is clearly known as Savior.
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