Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.–1 Chronicles 16:11

  1. PEOPLE WHO PRAY. Lord God, we thank you for the gift of prayer. As you spoke to the church of Laodicea (Rev. 3:20), you stand knocking and waiting for us to commune with you. Please grow us to be people who make prayer uppermost in our daily walk with you.
  2. JAPAN 2020. Father, we join with the OMF Japan team, asking that you provide 200 workers by 2020. Along with those workers, we pray for strength and resources needed to equip these new missionaries launching their ministries.
  3. MEDICAL MINISTRIES. Lord, we thank you for a family who served for years among HIV patients in a rural setting. We praise you that they have trained local believers to continue the work. We pray for discernment for their next placement.
  1. GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. Loving God, we thank you for growing your church in China. Bless Chinese churches and leaders seeking to honor you in everyday life. Give renewed grace to those faithfully sharing hope and love in the gospel.
  1. EID AL-FITR. Today, Muslims around the world will begin their celebrations for Eid al-Fitr, a three-day festival that marks the end of Ramadan. The celebrations allow for many interactions with friends, family and neighbors. Lord, we pray that Christians will take opportunities to get to know and love their neighbors.
  1. GROWING MORE TEAMS. Lord God, even with many changes happening in China, we thank you for opportunities for professionals who are Christians. We pray for wisdom in their relationships. We pray for more workers who would come alongside and serve long-term.
  1. TAIWAN. Lord, we praise you for the work in Taiwan in the last fifty years. There are now many healthy, indigenous churches thriving. Leaders see the growth of indigenous organizations and spiritual growth of individuals who are now influential leaders in church and society. We pray that you will continue this good work for future generations of Taiwanese people.
  1. OFF TO ASIA. Lord, we thank you for calling more workers to serve among East Asia’s unreached frontiers. Guide four new missionary families in final preparations before moving to Thailand, Taiwan and East Asia. May you bless each one with joy, energy and strength.
  2. PENTECOST SUNDAY. Lord God, we ask that you infuse both missionaries and national workers with a fresh anointing of your empowerment in frontline ministry. Renew those who are weary in body or spirit with a fresh touch of your grace.
  1. TRANSITIONS. Summer season brings a wide variety of transitions to missionary families. Lord, we ask that you provide clear wisdom in decisions, guidance to work out details and additional strength to tackle each adjustment.
  1. VISA RENEWALS. Lord, we pray for missionaries who need patience and favor when renewing their visas. Some have had to leave their fields as their visas were not renewed. We pray that through this they can trust you, seeing your leading and loving hand. May they find new opportunities for service.
  1. VIETNAM. We thank you God that you know everything, and every time and season is in your hands. You have authority over the gates of heaven and hell, and because of Jesus, sin is pardoned. We ask for your mercy to rescue many Vietnamese people so that they may live in heaven eternally with you.
  1. SEMINARY GROWTH. We praise you, Father, for the fruitful ministries of Chiang Mai Theological Seminary, training pastors and church planters. Thank you for equipping the team as they construct their new campus, allowing the seminary to expand its training ministries.
  1. THAILAND. Lord, we ask you for an “outbreak” of churches among the Thai people. We thank you for open doors for Christian workers serving in Thailand. We pray that your Spirit would move among the Thai, so that every village and neighborhood would have vibrant and healthy churches.
  1. MINORITY PEOPLES. We thank you, Father, that you are God over all the earth, which includes every single Tai Dam village. We pray for the fulfillment of the vision to see a church in every Tai Dam village and every family to encounter the Good News. May you be worshipped as God in every place that the Tai Dam call home.
  1. FATHER’S DAY. Today we praise you, God, for praying fathers who invest their lives in the next generation. We ask for your blessing over fathers who by faith, leave a spiritual legacy to their children, especially those who impact strategic ministry among East Asians.
  2. SHARING GOOD NEWS. Lord God, we know that it grieves you to see so many of the Rakhine still unreached. You do not want anyone to perish but want everyone to come to repentance. Cause the truth of your word to be fully known among the Rakhine.
  1. PEOPLE OF PEACE. Almighty God, we thank you for the people of peace you raise up to meet workers. You use them to open doors for the Gospel to spread. We pray that you will prepare people of peace in many villages so that when the Gospel arrives, they will not only believe, but they will also be ready to share with other families in their community.
  1. REUNION AND TRAINING. Thank you, Lord, for many missionary families planning to participate during the July Home Assignment Reunion and Training in Denver. Guide the team helping these missionaries adapt to life and ministry in the U.S. while they adjust to their home assignments.
  1. PERSPECTIVES COURSES. Lord God, we thank you for challenging thousands of believers who have taken the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, mobilizing their participation in the Great Commission. Guide OMF (U.S.) Mobilizers teaching local classes this coming season. Empower churches to send more workers to East Asia.
  1. NEW WORKERS. Lord, we thank you for calling more workers to serve among East Asia’s unreached frontiers. Please guide applicants completing their requirements preparing for the July Candidate and Orientation training.
  1. MORE PARTNERS. We thank you, Lord, for volunteers who serve at the OMF (U.S.) office in Denver. We pray that you would send more gifted people to serve in roles like hospitality, information technology, transportation and donor relations. Please use the ministry partner event today in Denver to encourage local believers to volunteer in strategic ways.
  1. BLESSING MUSLIMS. Loving God, we pray that you continue to bless East Asia’s Muslims. We pray for many Christians as they share your love with the Muslim communities around them.
  1. GOD’S PROMISES. Father, we thank you for your promise that “for those who love God all things work together for good,” (Rom. 8:28). Lord, various people groups in East Asia are persecuted or driven out of their homelands. They do not know you nor love you; they live without this hope. We pray that believers may reach out to them and they may discover this promise themselves.
  1. MOBILIZING PRAYER. Lord, we thank you for the gifted team creating a new prayer guide focused on the DPRK (North Korea). We pray for its wide distribution, motivating hundreds of friends to pray that your love would be experienced by people in the North.
  1. DAY OF PRAYER. Lord, we thank you for the OMF (U.S.)-based staff uniting for a semi-annual “Day of Prayer,” including Denver office staff plus others working from their homes across the country. Challenge and ignite their hearts toward passionate, vibrant intercession.
  1. MISSION HOME MINISTRY. Lord God, we praise you for how Jeannie and David Dougherty have managed a mission home in Denver for over 31 years! We thank you that many guests have benefitted from their gracious hospitality, and the way they have provided a “home away from home” for hundreds of candidates, home assignees, and staff. We entrust the Jeannie and David to your care as they conclude this vital ministry. Anoint Rowena and Mike McGinty to assume a new role managing this special place of refreshment.
  1. FINANCE MANAGER. Lord, we pray for Peggy Bopp, leading the OMF (U.S.) Finance and Administration team. We pray that you would provide a new Finance Manager and for guidance during their upcoming transition. We praise you for the fine service provided by Brett Kuntz and ask your blessing on his future ministry.
  1. VISION TRIPS. Lord, we thank you for a small team who will take a vision trip and prayer journey through a creative access country during July. We pray for clear next steps for participants exploring long-term work in that country. We pray that the team would encourage resident workers.
  1. ADOPTED PEOPLES. Father, we thank you that a U.S. church has adopted an unreached people group in a creative access region. Please pray for God’s wisdom and open doors for this church as they engage this people group. We thank you for the zeal and love that this church has for the unreached.

To download the pdf version of our Prayer Powerlines newsletter, CLICK HERE.

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