May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you. -Psalm 67:3

  1. THE KING OF GLORY. Lord, you are the Almighty. You are awesome in glory and there is no one like you. We surrender all that we are and all that we have, for you are worthy. Thank you for your shed blood on the cross, which has opened the door to an intimate relationship with you, the King of Glory.
  2. PHILIPPINES. We thank you for the work carried out through indigenous church associations, such as the Manobo Bible Church Association of Mindanao and the Mangyan Tribal Church Association. May they continue to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Please encourage the workers in these ministries, granting them wisdom and perseverance.
  1. SENDING JAPANESE. Lord, thank you for sending missionaries to serve East Asians from your church in Japan. Please help this to continue in spite of a shortage of pastors and seminary students.
  1. INDEPENDENCE DAY. Gracious Lord, as Americans we enjoy freedom to gather in worship, praise you openly and teach others about Christ. Today we pray for believers throughout East Asia who do not experience these freedoms, and struggle spiritually or suffer physical consequences. Strengthen and protect them by your grace.
  1. CHALLENGES. Lord, you know how current economic sanctions present challenges for the citizens of the DPRK (North Korea). Please move people in the North to turn to you for help and show them your mercy.
  1. BLESSING OTHERS. Loving God, thank you for your church in South Korea. Please use your people in South Korea to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many people to East Asians, sharing the good news about Jesus.
  1. MORE WORKERS. Lord God, we ask for your special anointing and guidance among the applicants attending a week-long OMF (U.S.) candidate course in Denver. Clearly equip each participant with faith and trust in your direction. 
  1. CAMBODIA BREAKTHROUGH. We ask for mercy, Lord, on the people of Cambodia. We ask for spiritual breakthrough in those parts of the country which are still very closed to the good news. Empower believers to rely upon you for spiritual strength and fruitful witness.
  1. RELATIONSHIPS IN MYANMAR. Lord God, please open up new opportunities for building new relationships throughout the country. We pray for strategic openings to connect with rural communities. We also pray for various groups such as the Bamar, Pa-O, Mon and Rakhine.
  1. MISSION ADVOCATES. Lord, we pray that members of prayer groups would take up responsibility and participate in mobilizing friends who step out to the mission field—that they would multiply as mission advocates in their churches.
  1. AUSTRALIA OUTREACH. Lord, thank you for abundant opportunities to reach East Asians who are moving to Australia for work and study. Please raise up more workers to reach out and disciple new believers equipped to go back and be missionaries in their home countries.
  1. DORM PARENTS. Lord God, we thank you for Malaysian Christians who serve as dorm parents at Christian boarding schools. Please help them to model Christ-centered examples to each student. Give them clear wisdom in providing for the needs of students.
  1. SENDING BASES. Lord, we thank you for over two dozen OMF sending centers around the world. We thank you for everything you provide for the New Zealand team ministry. Please grow new opportunities for worker recruitment through an increase in financial giving and through more volunteers getting involved.
  1. GRACIOUS BLESSING. Lord, we pray for thousands of Muslim families throughout East Asia. Please bless them powerfully with your grace. Please help them to sense more about the love of Jesus.
  1. SINGAPORE. Lord, thank you for your people in Singapore. Please use believers in Singapore to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many more workers to unreached East Asians, sharing the good news about Jesus.
  1. TRANSITIONS. Lord, you know the pressures faced by some urban churches across various areas of East Asia. We ask that you strengthen church leaders even when open meeting points close. As small groups in homes and workplaces adapt, we pray that fellowship, teaching and outreach will flourish even under the most difficult pressures.
  2. FRONTIER REGIONS. Thank you God for the growing number of Chinese Christians who reach out cross-culturally. Please bless these believers with effective partnerships so that more people can hear the good news.
  1. MEKONG MINORITIES. Lord, we praise you for creating the Mekong peoples in all their diversity, showing your creativity and love for all peoples. Lord, may all the people in the Mekong region hear your good news and establish reproducing churches among all Mekong’s peoples.
  1. WORKERS NEEDED. We ask, God, according to Matthew 9:37 that you send many more workers into the ripe harvest fields. We pray that more willing and suitable applicants would embrace long-term service in frontier areas where the need is greatest and workers are few.
  1. CAMBODIA. Lord God, we ask for effective training and ongoing mentoring of local Cambodian church leaders. So many leaders don’t even have their own Bible. Advance efforts to distribute more Bibles where most needed. We pray that those who do have a Bible would daily immerse themselves in the Word of God.
  1. VISION TRIPS. Lord, we thank you for teams taking vision trips and prayer journeys through creative access areas during the summer. We pray for clear next steps for participants exploring long-term work in that country. We pray that the teams would encourage resident workers.
  1. TAIWAN. Lord, we are encouraged by the growing outreach to at-risk women performed by mission agencies working alongside Taiwanese churches. Lord, please continue to bless this ministry so that even more women will be reached and rescued.
  1. DIASPORA. Lord, we know that moving to a new land is often disorienting. We pray that the churches of these recipient countries will use opportunities to show Christ’s love in action by welcoming newcomers and helping them settle and adjust to life there. Through this, may the hearts of the newcomers be opened to receive the gospel. 
  1. YOUNGER LEADERS. Lord, we pray for younger men and women preaching or leading Bible studies for the first time. Guide them to prepare well through study and prayer, that they would communicate in such a way that the Word impacts people’s attitudes and behavior, not just sharing knowledge.
  1. YOUTH CAMPS. We praise you, God, for fruitful overnight camps held by Hirosaki Nozomi Church in northern Japan. We rejoice how 9 junior high and 25 elementary children had opportunities to hear the gospel. We pray for effective follow-up resulting from special outreach meetings recently. Guide many hearts to grow in their relationship with you.
  1. VIETNAM. Thank you, Lord, for new opportunities to share the good news with minority people groups as access to these hard to reach mountainous areas opens up. Many from these people groups travel to cities to work on building sites and tourists now freely come and go from their villages. May these people groups have a chance to hear the gospel through these interactions.
  1. ELDER CARE. Lord, we thank you for younger family members who care for the elderly in the DPRK (North Korea) We pray you would provide strength and grace in these challenges. We pray that the elderly in the DPRK would be cared for well and that they may know God’s love.
  1. VOLUNTEERS. We thank you, Lord, for 71 volunteers in the U.S. working alongside OMF staff to mobilize toward missions. We pray you would raise up many more committed volunteers willing to advocate for unreached people groups, help churches grow in missions involvement, mentor individuals interested in serving and promote prayer for East Asia’s peoples.
  1. FINANCE MANAGER. Lord, we thank you for the OMF finance team in Denver. We ask that you continue to guide in the search for a new Finance Manager. We thank you for the staff member participating in an overseas prayer walk. We pray that this opportunity will have long-term impact on her life.
  1. PRAYER SUPPORT. Father, we pray for long-term missionaries who request intercession for a wide variety of needs. We ask for continued mental and spiritual health, intentional times of rest and for growth among families facing challenges.
  1. THE TASK UNFINISHED. Lord, we pray for OMF senior leadership as they seek your wisdom, refining strategies and structures in pursuit of effective kingdom ministry aligned with your purposes in a fast-changing world. We pray for mobilizers exploring creative ways to call for more workers.

To download the pdf version of our Prayer Powerlines newsletter CLICK HERE.

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