Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness; tremble before him, all the earth. –Psalm 96:9

SUNDAYS • Praise and thanksgiving
Lord, we praise you for your abundant grace, and for opportunities to unite with millions of believers across East Asia worshiping our Savior. Some meet freely in large public meetings. Others gather quietly in small groups. “May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you,” (Psalm 67:3). May East Asian followers of Christ have strength, joy and confidence, looking to you for every need.
MONDAYS • Strategic ministries
Lord, we thank you for open access ministry platforms, especially in areas like Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan and areas of Thailand. Through radio broadcasting, literature distribution, and open-air outreach, we ask for wide proclamation of the good news. Empower believers to radiate Christ’s love among their families, neighbors and coworkers.
TUESDAYS • Need for wisdom
Heavenly Father, we lift before you those “creative access” regions of East Asia. Where believers are facing harassment, give strength. Where pastors and evangelists work quietly with discretion, give wisdom. Where receptive seekers long for salvation, put them in touch with loving Christians. Where businessmen seek to minister as “tentmakers,” give entrepreneurial creativity. Lord, build your church among the least-reached, unengaged people groups where believers number less than even one percent.
 WEDNESDAYS • Need for more workers
Lord, we obey your command to pray for more workers going into the harvest (Mt. 9:37-38). Equip churches and mission mobilizers to engage meaningfully with skilled applicants exploring dozens of ministry opportunities. Guide each potential new worker to take the next step of faith, following your direction. Raise up hundreds of new workers, both national and expatriate, going to places where Christ is not known.
 THURSDAYS • Asking God for breakthrough
Lord, we ask that you break down strongholds that hold people back from receiving Christ as Savior. Break through barriers of family pressure, giving up religious practices known for centuries. Work through your Holy Spirit, opening eyes to clearly see forgiveness in Christ.
FRIDAYS • Watching God work
Lord, with the Muslim month of Ramadan concluding two months ago, we pray that many Muslims who hunger to please God would meet Jesus, who said, “whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst” (John 4:13).
SATURDAYS • Growing more partners
Loving God, anoint the wide scope of ministry mobilization within the family of OMF (U.S.). Guide the Mobilization, Communications and Church Ministry teams calling U.S. believers toward greater engagement in missions. As the busy conference season approaches, prepare willing hearts who respond to your calling for greater mission participation.

Pray for New Horizons

OMF began as the China Inland Mission with workers going from the UK to serve in China. Today, the team has expanded with members from more than 30 different nationalities, engaged with most of East Asia’s countries and with East Asian Diaspora in nearly a dozen additional countries around the world. In 1965, OMF welcomed its first member from an Asian country. Today over 40% of OMF is of Asian ethnicity and more than a quarter of the workers are sent by Asian countries.
However, OMF does not work alone. There are many other missionary movements around the world that  are reaching out to Asia’s peoples. Some of them are asking OMF to partner together. OMF also has many individual inquirers from countries without an OMF sending center.
New Horizons is a global OMF community focused on partnering with the church and mission agencies in these places. New Horizons teams are focused on Africa, Europe (including Eastern Europe), Latin America, and India. These teams reach out to the local communities to provide a link to OMF and seek out new opportunities for partnership. The potential is huge.
A key challenge for the New Horizons teams is overcoming unfamiliarity as they work with candidates from diverse cultures and backgrounds. More time and resources are needed to cultivate extra under-standing. Administrative, financial and legal processes and issues need to be developed. Partnership with other mission agencies takes time to be established as each seeks to understand the other and their values.
Since the beginning of the New Horizons team in 2012, OMF has sent more than 20 workers to serve in East Asia. Some go for a few weeks and others have served as long as six years. Some start as volunteers and then stay on to become full-time workers.
“Lord, thank you for raising up workers for East Asia’s peoples from every part of the globe. Please guide OMF mobilizers as they grow in being better partners with your church everywhere. Please help the New Horizons team as they work out new ways to see people sent and supported well from places like Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Give clear wisdom especially on how to deal with applicants from more sensitive countries.”
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